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The challenge, once again is to CONQUER 1,000 miles of distance during 2022.
There are 4 ways to complete your 1K Miles Conquest!

All activities get converted to RUNNING miles, here are the ratios:

  1. SWIMMING (1:4) -  for every ONE mile of swimming will count for FOUR miles of running
  2. BICYCLING (5:1) -  for every FIVE miles on bicycle counts for only ONE mile of running.
  3. ROWING (1:1) - ONE mile of rowing counts for ONE mile of running.
  4. RUCKSACK RUN OR MARCH with at least 40 pounds (1:2): you can also use a weighted vest but it has to be at least 40 pounds too.
    *** NOTE: most that ruck marched with 40+ pounds have opted to count their mileage as (1:1) ***

There will be other tokens of recognition, i.e. every month whoever accrues the most mileage in the previous month gets the special naming of the CONQUEROR OF THE MONTH FB banner at the site.
Also throughout the year, we hold different challenges and side conquests to keep things interesting such as:

How are we going to conquer?

  1. Use your favorite app such as Nike Run, Garmin, Adidas, Strava, or running shoe or watch that can track GPS. You have to use something that can be verified and keep a record.
  2. You will be logging your miles directly into the RunSignUp system. You have to post your progress so it can be track and motivate others.
  3. Post in the Facebook group. Share a screenshot of your run, photos of your watch or treadmill screen, share your app's progress, etc... Give proof that you are doing it and share with the rest! While nobody doubts anybody the point is to interact and celebrate each other success and journey... so post away!
  4. NO STEPPING allowed. If you track your whole day's worth of walking around or how many steps you took during that day, that doesn't count. The point of the challenge is to get out there, outside your routine, and by design, cover conquer the 1,000 miles distance. For example, walking around the mall and tracking your steps is a NO GO. In the end, this conquest relies on honor system and we are all honestly pushing each other through interaction about a common conquest in mind.
  5. SHARE a RUNFIE, SELFIE, all the great SCENERY of your favorite: RUNS, SWIM, RIDE, HIKES, and of course when you are RUCKING!!! Share with other Conquerors your journey and motivate them into theirs.
  6. INVITE AS MANY FRIENDS AS YOU LIKE but motivate them to keep posting and recording their conquest... don't get lazy!

Bracket/Division Details & Fees:

  1. 1,000 MILES Conquest Challenge 2022

    Activity Starts: 1/1/2022 00:00 - Activity Ends: 12/31/2022 23:59
    Registration opens : 12/30/2021 23:12
    Activity type: Virtual race
    Requires Date of Birth
    Requires phone number
    Registration Periods:
    • Registration opens : 12/30/2021 23:12
      Registration closes : 12/2/2022 01:59
      Race fee : $0.00
      Processing fee : $0.00

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