Start date: 02/11/2023

Registration: opens 01/11/2023
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Activities: Road race 🚴🏿‍♂️

Frigid Bitch is back - for year 10!

~Get your celebratory 10 year FBX swag~

A classic-style alleycat. Go fast, get there first

Basic rules:

- pre-register for the Open Field (required) plus any additional applicable sub categories (can be changed later)
- receive a manifest with checkpoint locations (will be emailed to you prior to race)
- carry your manifest to checkpoints around PGH, in whatever order you like, via whatever route you desire
- must make it to at least 1 checkpoint to rank
- drop your manifest at the finish
- racers will be ranked by 1) how many checkpoints they made it to and 2) how fast they made it back


Additional info:
- all race reg is donated to the Greater Pittsburgh Women's Shelter and Center
- this is a bike race, ride a bike. no batteries or gasoline after checkpoionts drop at 11am.
- women and under-repped gender identity riders only


11am - Checkpoint locations drop (race has begun; bikes-only after 11am!)
12pm - Checkpoints open
2pm - Checkpoints close
3pm - Race ends @ the Wheel Mill
5pm - prizes/podiums @ the Wheel Mill
6? 7?pm - After party @ Goodlander Cocktails and East End Brewing


*******please read*******

Checkpoint locations will be digitally dropped at go-time; racers can hit the ground pedaling from where-ever they happen to be in our fair-but-chilly city. Start from your garage, meet up at your friend's house for breakfast, or try to strategically position yourself somewhere in the city. Checkpoint locations drop at 11am. Checkpoints open at 12pm.

If you would rather start with a group, we'll be at the Wheel Mill @ 6815 Hamilton Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15208. We will have merch for sale, as well as any items pre-purchased for pick up. A stack of Bike Pgh maps will be available for route planning! Show up before 11 to maximize your route planning time once checkpoint locations drop.

The classic 1 hour to plan, 2 hour checkpoint window, 1 hour to get to the finish @ the Wheel Mill

This year the race is finishing at the Wheel Mill. You have to make it there by 3pm to hand in your manifest and finish for rank. Once you turn in your manifest, you can hang out at the park and party prior to the podium and prize ceremony. Or take your spokecard and head over to KLVN Coffee, Goodlander Cocktails or East End Brewing for deals on drinks while you wait for podiums to be announced.

 Once the prizes and podiums finish up, head to East End Brewing and Goodlander Cocktail Bar (both walking distance from the Wheel Mill) to keep the party going. Both venues will offer a complimentary drink for Frigid Bitch racers who present their race spokecard.

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