Anywhere! Hartland WI 53029 US
Type of Activity: 5K, Run/Walk/Jog, Running
Start Date: 2019-07-13

Can’t make it to Wisconsin for this year’s race but still want to support the cause? Register for our virtual race and participate from afar! If you knew Krystina you knew her love of traveling and seeing new places, so drop us a note letting us know where you’re running/walking! We know Krystina would love seeing people all over the country (and world!) come together and partake in the 5K event she started seven years ago! Invite your fellow running/walking friends too!

The Kipsongo Project 5K Run/Walk is an annual event benefitting The Kipsongo Project, a 501 c3 non-profit organization based in Kipsongo Slum in Kenya. The Project aims to improve the lives of those living in Kipsongo Slum by equipping community members with the tools they need to earn an income and contribute positively to society. To do this, the Project employs women in the slum to make jewelry, clothing, and home goods items, and then connects the women to the global market by assisting them in selling their products in the United States and globally. Money that is raised through sales and other fundraising initiatives goes back to the community and funds various programs including children's nutrition and education programs, a micro-finance program, health programs, and more. 

The Project was started eight years ago by Krystina Finn and Lindsey Casagrande who were living in Kenya at the time. This 5K race, started by Krystina, was one of the first fundraisers held for the Project. Shortly afterwards, Krystina was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer and passed away in December of 2014 after a long and courageous battle. This race is a way to honor Krystina's legacy and to carry on her dream of helping the women and children in Kipsongo Slum. Please join us in helping to do so! 

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