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Welcome to the 2022 New York State Bicycle Racing Association (nysbra) Time Trial Championships!

10Jul22 in Tioga Center, NY

Fees: I've kept the same low fees this year that I've had since (at least) 2014!  However, all USA Cycling fees have significantly increased over that time.  To even it out, and to encourage early registration that will ease my stress levels, the 2014 early discount prices are in effect until 2 months before the event, the 2014 regular prices ($5 more) are in effect until 1 month before the event, and then prices go up another $5.  No refunds, but register early!  The BikeReg fee (approx $3) and USAC's insurance fee (which increased over 25% since our last race in 2019) will be added during checkout.  

COVID: We'll be as contact-free as possible!  You only need to pick up your bib(s) at registration so wear your mask, say your name, and a volunteer will put your bib(s) on the table for you.  We plan to have a holder in the start tent if conditions allow but you will self start (i.e., one foot down) otherwise.  The rest is up to you, so please be smart, safe, and have fun!

Eligibility: Your eligibility for the NYS Championships is based on having an annual USA Cycling (USAC) license and NY state of residence as shown on your USAC license as pulled from BikeReg!  All riders must have a valid USAC or purchase a one-day license on BikeReg while registering.  Everyone is welcome to race, to include out-of-state, out-of-country (welcome to all Canadians!), and one-day-license riders.  However, only NY state resident annual license holders are eligible for the NYSBRA State Championship medals and jersey.

Please make sure your USAC License Number and correct address are in your BikeReg profile!  Your annual license must be verified via BikeReg (or on site if necessary) before your start.

Special TT Rule for Racing by USAC Ability Categories 1-5/Novice: For one-day TTs you may enter any category equal to or higher than the "road" category shown on your license (USAC rule 1H4(c)).  This allows, for example, talented triathletes who don't race on the road (so would be "Cat 5/Novices") to compete at a higher USAC race category, according to their true ability.  If you want to do this just overide the category restriction in BikeReg.  

Racing by Age: Your age must be in the age range specified for your category (i.e., you cannot race down in age for Masters or race up in age for Juniors). 

Entering Multiple Categories (without having to actually race!): If you fancy a chance to win in a second (or third...) category, each additional entry at the same distance is only $20 (TTT excluded as it is already cheap).  If the two races are the same distance this would allow you to race one time and be in the results for more than one field; e.g., Cat 4 Men and Masters 45+ Men, or Cat 3 Women and Cat 4 Women and Masters 55+ Women.  You get two or more chances to win!  You could be both a Masters and a Category champion!  Note, though, that if you podium in multiple categorized races we will only place you in the higher category; e.g., you can't be both the Cat 3 and Cat 4 Champion.  Just the Cat 3 Champion!

If the two races are different distances you can still enter more than one category for $20 each additional, but you will have to actually race twice (i.e., you must race each distance; e.g., race 20km to win Junior (Wo)Men 17-18 then race 40km to beat the all the Cat 4s.  Come on.  You can do it.).  Contact me for a coupon code.  

NOTE: Since BikeReg treats each category as a unique entry, BikeReg will have you sign a waiver for each entry and pay the $4.85 USAC insurance fee for each entry.  Therefore you'll only be charged $15.15 for each additional race.  Hopefully that makes sense!

For all riders actually racing more than once, I will assign start times as far apart as possible.  For example, if you are doing a 40km individual TT and after that you are joining your BFFs for a TTT, you'll start among the first 40km riders and your team will start near the end of the teams at the end of the day.  This will give you max time to get back and at least quaff an energy drink.  We won't let them start without you!  

The Course: is a favorite that we have used many times (most recently in 2011, 2014, 2016, 2018, and 2019) with staging located at the Tioga Center Central School, 5th Avenue, Tioga Center. The course heads west on Rt. 17c towards Waverly either 5km, 10km, or 20km to the turnaround and returns to Tioga Center. Rt. 17c is a mostly flat course on a lightly-traveled state highway with good pavement and very wide (6’-8’) shoulders.  Open the map. View on Strava.

  • Backup course (staging in same location): The entire length of Halsey Valley Road, which runs North/South, which is rarely flat, has a fair amount of rollers, and includes a couple of steep bumps to make it interesting.  This course was used once in 2009 and is our backup course in case of last minute issues on Rt. 17c.

Start Times: THE FIRST RIDER WILL START EXACTLY AT 10:01am!  The Good Ol' Digital Master Clock at the start line will be synchronized with "cell phone time" and is our official race clock.

I will email all registrants their start time by midnight, Friday, 8Jul and I will post the master start list and Race-Day Technical Guide here.  Your bib number will be your start time (in minutes) after 10am; e.g., if you are bib number 50 you start at 10:50am (10am + 50 minutes) and if you are bib number 80 you start at 11:20am (10am + 80 minutes).  In this past, the last riders started about noon.  For guidance only, here is the 2019 Start List and 2019 Race-Day Technical Guide.  If you want to see what times you need to aim for, check out previous year NYSBRA State Championship Results here.

Registration: Please pre-register on-line because pre-registration is much easier for everyone and you will know your exact start time ahead of time.  All riders must sign the standard USAC Waiver during on-line registration.  Please make sure your USAC license is "valid" and not "pending."   You may purchase a one-day license for $10 on BikeReg but you will not be eligible for championship medals.

Day of registration will be accepted for $50.  You will start when we can slip you in. 

Helmetsare required for everyone on a bike (except on trainers), please. Sleeveless jerseys or sleeveless tri-suits are legal. 

Junior Equipment: All juniors 9-18 must meet the 26' junior gear restriction (e.g., 52x14) via roll-out, which we will do at the start line as per USAC rule 1I4.  Juniors 9-14 must ride mass-start legal bikes (i.e., no aerobars, no cowhorns) and wheels with at least 16-spokes and no wheel covers as per USAC rule 1I5.  USAC's rationale for this rule is to limit how much money parents have to spend until their little speed demon reaches racing age 15.  Pointy helmets, skinsuits, and colorful booties are just fine.

Paracycling / Adaptive Cycling: We welcome all para and adaptive athletes to compete in the NYSBRA Championships!  Due to the diversity of athletes and their equipment, I will consult with the registered riders during the week before the event to determine the NYSBRA Championship categories offered on race day.  For example, in 2019 the participants agreed to sub-divide this category and award champions for "Para Open Women" and "Para Open Men."  Please contact me with any questions and/or suggestions.

Eddy Merckx Equipment: New this year this is a NYSBRA Championship Category!  You may not be able to ride like him so the idea is to at least ride what he rode.  However, since most of you probably don’t own steel frames, rat traps, and 32-spoke wheels, we’ll let you ride the same equipment that the juniors 9-14 can ride. Don't let the little ones show you up!  This means a mass-start legal bike (i.e., no aerobars, no cowhorns) and wheels with at least 16-spokes and no wheel covers.  We encourage standard road helmets, road jerseys, shorts with a real leather pad, and anything made of wool.   We will allow but heckle you if you use a pointy helmet, skinsuit, and booties unless of course you just finished a previous event and didn’t have time to change because doing two events in a row is exactly what Eddy would do.  He would also win both of them, so what are you afraid of?  NOTE: I may split this field into more than one champ category if registration justifies it; e.g., into "Eddy Merckz Men" and "Eddy Merckx Women."

Team Time Trial (TTT): Focus on just the TTT or ride a second time with your friends! This is a great chance to win a NYSBRA medal becuase we'll award up to nine categories based on team size (2, 3, and 4-rider teams) as well as gender mix (all men, all women, or mixed). 

TTT start times will be planned to maximize time between events for anyone riding earlier in the day.  No additional "second race" discount for TTT (it is already super cheap; although the early discounts apply and the max you'll pay is only $20!).  All riders need to wear a bib number. Please call out your team name to the officials at the finish line to assist with scoring!

o 4 riders, time taken on 3rd rider
o 3 riders, time taken on 2nd rider
o 2 riders, time taken on 1st rider. 

Awards: Podium ceremonies will take place approximately on every hour starting at 11am (i.e., 11am, noon, 1pm) as soon as possible after results are final.  Listen to the bullhorn in the parking lot!  There will be two ceremonies for each field; the first ceremony is for the top three finishers overall, and then we'll have a NYS podium ceremony for the top 3 NY resident riders with annual licenses. For most fields all three riders on the two podiums will be the same.  There are no prizes for the first podium but the latter ceremony will award Gold-Silver-Bronze NYSBRA Championship medals and have a photo opportunity to recognize our new State Champion standing on the top step wearing the NYSBRA championship jersey!  Due to lack of funding from USA Cycling, NYSBRA can no longer provide championship jerseys for free.  Instead, champions will receive an link to the Vie13 website to purchase their own jersey for ~$60 during the week immediately after the race.  Jerseys will then drop-ship directly to the champions within about 30 days.

ContactRace Director- Jeff Poulin, jeffrey.s.poulin@gmail.com

Hotels and Directions: Recommended hotels are the Hampton Inn, Best Western Inn (formerly a Holiday Inn Express), and Quality Inn (a.k.a., Treadway Inn), all located at the Rt. 17c Owego exit about 7 miles east of the venue in Tioga Center (just follow Rt. 17c).

  • West of Tioga Center: Take Route 17/I-86 east to Nichols exit.  Go right at bottom of ramp, then right to go under Rt 17c, then right onto Rt 17c, and proceed 3 miles to Tioga Center.
  • East of Tioga Center: Take Route 17/I-86 west to Rt. 17c Owego exit.  Follow signs to Rt. 17c west through downtown Owego and proceed ~7miles west to Tioga Center.


This event is sponsored by a grant from the New York Bicycle Racing Association (nysbra).

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