Start date: 06/17/2023

Registration: opens 01/03/2023
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Activities: Gravel grinder, 48 miles, 78 miles, 100 miles

GID: 58622


Below are the official versions of the long and short course. Please take some time to look them over and get them loaded up on your bike computer. There will be very limited route marking and signage on the course. Where there is signage, it will be more to call out dangerous or important features of the course than provide direction. If you do not have the course loaded on a bike computer that does navigation, you will not be able to find your way on the course. If you are using your mobile phone for navigation, please make sure you have the course and maps downloaded to your phone. Cell service is poor to non-existent on much of the course so live mapping will not work well if at all.

Both courses do have some paved road sections. The long course is over 70% gravel and the short more than 65%. As the descriptions below highlight, there are limited class IV sections so 700c 38mm or wider tires would be our recommendation. Our course designer recently rode both course with 40mm Maxxis Rambler’s at 38 psi and thought that was about perfect for the day. Fast rolling when needed but plenty of give and traction when the course demanded it. Obviously tire choice is very individual and you should ride with whatever you are most comfortable with.

One other important note about the ride. We will have 4 support vehicles out on the courses to provide limited support with minor mechanical and tire issues. Please plan ahead and get your bike serviced before you come up to ride. Nothing is faster and more comfortable that a well maintained and clean bike. Because this course is long and riders will be very spread out we cannot guarantee we can get you support. Please make sure you have everything you need to fix flats and do minor repairs on your bike. We recommend that you ride in groups of 2 or more and check in with riders who may be stopped along the side of the road. You could be a hero for them and us by providing a quick fix. You can also relay the message of their issue and approximate mileage at a rest stop or a road crew up the course.


  • Plug this number into your phone now! VT Monster / B2VT Command Center at (617) 654-3131.

  • Texting is the best way to reach the command center as the course is very rural and cell service can be weak, but text messages can typically send even with a weak cellular signal. Command center personnel will text you back a response quickly. In a medical or other extreme emergency please call 911 forst and then check in with the command center.

  • Riders may need to send someone up to road to an area with cell service to report an emergency to 911 and the command center. Please note the mileage on the course where the emergency occurred.

Important Recommendations:

  • Get your bike serviced before you come up to VT.

  • Inspect your tires for minor cuts and significant wear.

  • Replace worn tires and test ride before the event.

  • If your tires check out, add sealant to ensure they won’t let you down

  • Clean your drive train and lube your chain

Bragging rights! We have two Strava segments for you to lay it down and see where you stand against the peloton, your riding buddies or just yourself. One on the long course and one that includes both the short and long course.

  • VT Monster - The First Match! Starts in the town of Weston and climbs Moses Pond Road – The climb is not too bad overall, but it’s early in the ride and it’ll be easy to burn a match or a few more than you should.

  • VT Monster - Big Bear The second segment starts just after the Rest Stop at the Dam. Once you pass through the Scott Covered Bridge and get back on the gravel, the Big Bear segment begins. This one is long and has a couple steep pitches. It almost seems unfair for us to have this segment on the first 5 of the final 20 miles back up to Stratton… almost. Check your matchbook here and see what you’ve got, it’s still 15 miles to the finish after this little challenge so spend wisely.

  • VTMonster LONGER Course - NEW IN 2023! - 100 Miles - based on tremendous positive feedback from our alumni riders, we will offer a 100 mile course option in 2023. Details forthcoming!

  • VT Monster Long Course – 78 Miles – This is the Big Bear and the beast of the day. Course is mostly gravel roads but has a few challenging nuggets. 1 Class IV section just after Rest stop 2 that has some wet spots and rough terrain. Another along the west river trail through river debris and then the Devils Staircase of course.


    VT Monster Short Course – 48 Miles – This is the Little Bear but don’t be fooled, it still packs a punch. After few rollers and scenic down hill to Jamaica, the course makes a sharp right turn on to the first big climb of the day. There is one tough class IV section on Mowery Road that has a steep and loose decent and a stiff climb that may require a dismount to get over. Then a decent bringing you to the river and joining the long course on the West River trail and the Devils Staircase. From there both courses are together up to the finish.


    VT Monster Long Course Bailout – The bailout option is the same as the long course until mile 53.5. At that point it turns right on RT 30 and joins the B2VT course and riders on mostly paved road back to Stratton. It cuts 12 miles off the main long course but also cuts over 2000 feet of climbing. We recommend you load this course on your bike computer just in case you need it (though the B2VT course is well marked and easy to follow). At mile 58.5, there is a B2VT Rest stop at the Jamaica Fire House to refuel.


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