Join us for a virtual 5k Walk/Run/Cycle


Activate Bermuda, will be holding a Fundraiser weekend starting on Thursday June 3 with a virtual cooking class and then Friday June 4 though Sunday June 6 a virtual 5K Walk/Run/Cycle.

Book your space for the Virtual Cooking Class here at the tab above ($30 for this event only)

Then plan on Walking/Running/Cycling with us (separate registration from Cooking Class). It's Virtual so you can do it anywhere, anyplace, anytime, even globally. Record your activities here under the results tab above, then post your pictures at the same time, we would love to see them! 

Funds Raised will assist us in developing our message and our programs.

Draw Prizes to be awarded!

Who are we? 

Activate Bermuda was formed in February 2019 by a group of inter-denominational young adults who came together with a goal to do something different in Bermuda. This team has a desire to transform "church as usual", to change the mindset of Millennials and Generation Z to represent God differently; not by religion, denomination, or tradition but by having a relationship with God, period.

We feel that this generation is being called by God to see not only Bermuda but many nations changed and transformed. We want to see God manifest himself throughout our generation so His people can be sold out, without reservations, to see His name elevated in the earth. ​

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