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Starts: 10/23/2021

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The Georgia’s Army National Guard ASSAULT ON KENNESAW MOUNTAIN (AoKM) MEMORIAL 5K RUN is conducted at Kennesaw Mountain State Park, in Kennesaw, Georgia.  Attracting hundreds of runners from across the state each year, the AoKM exemplifies what it means to Never Forget.  Participants, which include military and civilian runners of all ages, run to honor the Georgia National Guard’s Fallen 43 Soldiers lost during the Global War on Terrorism 2001-Present.  AoKM’s mission is to support the Georgia National Guard Family Support Foundation, build morale, and promote physical fitness.  

Now in its 10thYEAR, over 2200 runners have assaulted the mountain since 2012.  To date, the AoKM has generated over $30,000 in support of our Georgia National Guard Soldiers and Airmen. 

This year, we are BACK AT IT, and STRONGER THAN EVER!!!!  You have two options this go around.

  • OPTION #1: Run the race IN PERSON!!!! See you on the mountain on Saturday, 23 October 2021!!!
  • OPTION #2: Run the race VIRTUALLY, from WHEREVER YOU MAY BE!!!! Strap on your walking or running shoes ANYTIME (day or night) from ANYWHERE (Germany, New Hampshire, Oregon, Kentucky, Italy, Afghanistan, Iraq…….WHEREVER you may be) and JOIN IN on the FUN!!!!

We want EVERYONE to have to opportunity to HONOR those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for this great nation. 

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