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Two routes to take on solo or as a team.  This course will feature just under 15 total miles and 1800 feet of gain between the two routes.  

Ready to run?  The Jet race takes your traditional trail race and adds a unique element of strategy.  Your goal is to complete two different routes, each with varying length and terrain, as fast as possible.  You get to choose the order in which you take on both routes.  Will you start fast and flat?  Or will you go steep and slow first?

Solo or Doubles

The Jet has two divisions to choose from.  Take on the full course by yourself in the Solo division or tag-team the two routes in the Doubles division.

Registering as a Doubles team

To successfully register as a Doubles team, the system will require you to register two people at once in order to access the Doubles pricing.  There are two groups in the Doubles division: Mens Doubles and Womens Doubles. You will be required to select the coordinating group based on the gender of the two individuals registering.  For any questions or issues, please email or DM us on Instagram. 

Know your strengths, set your strategy, and challenge yourself.

Please note, registration does not include the $7.00 required entry fee to White Tank Mountain Regional Park.

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