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Starts: 01/01/2022

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Campaign Overview

Every Baby Guilford, in partnership with community members, is encouraging Guilford County to take Baby Steps for Healthy Families and Futures by promoting a walking campaign to promote maternal health in our community! 

This county-wide campaign is designed to bring awareness to maternal health issues while improving the health of families in our community. The goal of the campaign is to recruit 15 or more walking groups of 5-10 people to take 1 million steps by October 2022. 

Every Baby Guilford is leveraging existing walking groups, as well as recruiting new ones to participate.  While our focus is on individuals/families of childbearing age to promote optimal maternal health, we want community members of all ages to participate in the health of it to promote quality family time and health.  Once you register as an individual or team, challenges will be set with rewards for accomplishing.  Groups can track steps using the free apps we suggest below and record the steps on

Each month the group that has taken the most steps will receive a small prize.  We encourage groups to take advantage of the amazing trails around Guilford County on the Piedmont Discovery App.

Information on how many steps/miles can be completed in popular areas around Guilford County will be shared. We encourage groups to nominate walking group leads that can keep you motivated throughout the months. If you have team members that don't have access to technology or have trouble entering their steps you can enter your and your team members' combined miles and drop a comment underneath saying how many miles you each did.  

In addition, Baby Steps will include a Baby Steps series. Each month, a podcast episode will be released related to infant and maternal health. There will be opportunities for walking groups to come together in person once a month to do an in-person Walk and Talk. This will give the community a chance to have an informal conversation about the same topic as the podcast.

A community event will wrap up the Campaign in October 2022 where community members can get in their final 10,000 steps. Every Baby Guilford believes that taking steps toward a healthy family and future through this county-wide walking campaign will improve our community's health and ignite community conversations on maternal health issues in our community. 

Giveaway Details: 

Each month we will be giving away a prize to the group with the highest step average for that month. To be eligible for the giveaway your team leader or a team member must have your steps for the month submitted by the last day of the month. The winners will be announced on the second day of the each month. We will be sharing other promotions on our Facebook page, please join us to have access to those promotions. 

Baby Steps Toolkit

Suggested Apps to Track Miles/Steps: 

  • Fit Bit 
  • Map My Run
  • Nike Run Club

Run Sign Up Links:


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