5502 N. Silver Creek Rd, Mount Morris, Ogle County, Illinois, United States

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The 3rd Bald Unyielding Twilight Trail Trial

The 3rd Bald Unyielding Twilight Trail Trial
Try saying that quickly, or after you’ve been out all night on the trail, and you’ll see how it goes. One of the few timed 12HR, 6HR, and 3HR Ultra running events in Illinois and it is in the dark! Great opportunity to test your night gear, your cold weather gear (possibly), and your ability to stay on your feet during the night. 100 TOTAL RUNNERS  GRAB YOUR SPOT EARLY! Hosted by the Rockford Road Runners, Inc. Our thanks to the Byron Forest Preserve District for allowing us in the beautiful facility with the largest Eastern Cottonwood tree in the state.

Saturday February 25th all races starting at 6:00 pm.  (Briefing for all runners at 5:45 p.m.)
Three race brackets; 12 Hour, 6 Hour,  3 Hour
12HR: 6PM-6AM
6HR: 6PM-12AM
3HR: 6PM-9PM

Packet Pick Up; "On race day you'll grab your swag and bib, simple as that."

Prizes for top female, male. and non-binary for each time grouping only: the most loops win. Run fast, run slow, walk fast, walk slow, however you want!  Simplicity at its finest, just get the loops in.  1F,1M,1NB. 9 total prizes, that’s all.  Prizes will be announced sometime. Probably on race day! Could be some useful thing, or some weird handmade tchotchke that’s unique and one of a kind. The suspense will likely not be worth it, but it’s fun to ponder and pine away all the same.

There will be 1 aid station with combined gear storage/bag drop. For those racing the longer times, you may wish to bring a camp chair to ease in gear changes or have a seat whilst eating." The gear storage/bag drop will be on tarps exposed to the elements. It’s recommended you have a proper sealed gear bag with your name on it and please keep the size reasonable; a cubic cubit (~18x18x18”) should suffice. The aid station will have 2 pop-up tent/gazebos with a heater, tables of food and drink, a fire pit, some camp chairs, and the park benches.

Aid station will have the usual foodstuffs. The aid station will be there to help you get hydrated and fueled, tempt you with fire and warmth, and test your patience with various forms of music or noise. The race directors are known for tormenting people with music, you’ve been given fair warning. A restroom of the portable fashion will be placed in the parking lot area. There are no other facilities in the preserve.

12,6 & 3 HR Gear Requirements All runners will need to bring a head lamp, temperature appropriate clothing, and your chosen vessel for carrying fluids.

Race Accommodations: None. There is no camping at this event. There are some hotels nearby in Oregon if you’re coming from a ways off. Parking is also a premium at this site (6 spaces total, one being occupied by our precious porta-potty), so please carpool and you’ll be parking along N. Silver Creek Rd. just to the south of the entrance of the preserve and it’s only ~3/8 mile long to the start.

Packet Pick Up;  On race day you'll grab your swag and bib, simple as that.

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