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Starts: 10/23/2022

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Activities: Running race, 1 Mile

New Bern's 2nd annual beer mile!  Drink a 12oz beer, run one-quarter mile, drink a beer & run, drink a beer & run, drink a beer & run.  4 beers in one mile.  

The world record is now 4 minutes, 28 seconds (males) and 6 minutes, 8.1 seconds (females).  This will be an "unofficial" beer mile, so broken records will not be acknowledged by the world record gurus.  Registration will be limited to 100 participants.  Please be sure to designate a driver before stepping up to the start line.

Freshwater Beer Company and Coastal Sole Performance Footwear are partnering together for this fun event.  Proceeds will go towards a deserving local cause to be announced. 

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