Black Girl Health has just launched its new membership meet-up groups BGH Central PA, BGH NOLA, BGH DMV, BGH New Jersey, BGH Charlotte, BGH Pittsburgh, BGH Houston and BGH Philly. The digital health membership is part of a sisterhood of women of color all across the country who are living a healthy lifestyle. Our membership is now developing meet-up groups in cities near you to make a greater impact in improving minority health.

BGH PHOENIX RISING VIRTUAL 5K  is BGH Central PA, BGH NOLA, BGH DMV, BGH New Jersey, BGH Charlotte, BGH Pittsburgh, BGH Houston and BGH Philly community event. We hope everyone becomes a part of the health movement and participates in the virtual 5K and becomes a BGH Member.

BGH PHOENIX RISING VIRTUAL 5K MEANING: Black Girl Health is dedicated to helping women achieve healthier lifestyles.  Black women and women of color are disproportionately plagued by illnesses due to poor nutrition, diet, and environmental stressors.  This race was created to encourage healthy habits and physical activity while showcasing the resiliency and strength of black women even in the face of a pandemic such as COVID-19.  When a phoenix rises from the ashes, it emerges from a catastrophe stronger, smarter and more powerful.  WE ARE THE PHOENIX...WE ARE RISING!!!

HOW TO PARTICIPATE FOR FREE: Participation is FREE to all BGH Members. Current BGH Members will be sent a private URL to sign up for the race via email, so make sure you CHECK YOUR EMAIL LADIES!  BGH Membership costs only $24 for a yearly subscription!! That's can participate in the race for FREE and receive all of the benefits of membership in BGH, all for the same cost of race registration.  To become a member, visit: Upon joining, you will be sent a private URL to sign up for the race. 

PRICING: BGH Member Registration: FREE;  Non-Member Registration: $25

If you would like to participate in the race without becoming a member, simply click on the Sign-Up button above. 

INSTRUCTIONS FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS: Once you register RUN or WALK anytime between Jun 1st-June 26th make sure you do the following:

 1. Get your Custom BIB Number from this website ( and click on your profile, then click on "View Pre-Race BIB" and you can share you BIB on social media, download it, or print it out to wear during your 5K.

2. Post your finish line picture/ video on the Facebook page @BGH Phoenix Rising Virtual 5k and include your name and location. 

 3. Post your finishing time on the 5k website Click on the Result tab in the menu, search your name, insert your time, and click submit.

 4. Show all your social media friends your a "PHOENIX RISER!" Rising above all life's challenges by posting your finish line picture/video on your "personal page" as well. TAG Black Girl Health Central PA, Black Girl Health DMV, Black Girl Health Pittsburgh, Black Girl Health Charlotte, Black Girl Health NOLA, Black Girl Health New Jersey,  Black Girl Health Philly, Blak Girl Health Houston and  HASHTAG #BGHPHOENIXRISING
NOTE:  Membership Groups will announce the TOP (3) WINNERS AND PRIZES JULY 1ST ON @BGH Phoenix Rising Virtual 5k Facebook Page, @Black Girl Health's private Facebook membership groups, and via email.

Thank You for Your Support!!!!!

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