Start date: 03/04/2023

Registration: opens 01/18/2023
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Activities: Cycling Camp, Track 🚴🏿‍♂️


For full camp details please see the BPC website via the link on this page!

For 2023 we are changing up our normal clinic schedule and focusing on the two things we get asked for the most: Standing Starts & Sprint Sparring. Over these two highly focused days, our top BPC coaches and their knowledge to Rock Hill. All riders must be certified to ride the Rock Hill Velodrome and have basic racing skills and competence on a 250m velodrome in order to participate in any of the camp days! If you are unsure if this camp is the right fit for you, please contact us at


SATURDAY - will be an intensive session of standing starts with coach-led video review for every effort. Entry into Saturday's camp will ALSO enter you into Sunday's round-robin sprint sparring session automatically. Saturday's entry will also get you an invite to the post-camp ZOOM call where ride by ride sprint sparring video review with feedback will be done for each Saturday participant.

***you do not need to do Saturday's session in order to do Sunday's session!!!*** If you wish to only enter the round-robin sprint sparring day you can select the Sunday only option at registration. 


SUNDAY - These "sprints" are part of the training camp and are NOT a race. Details for the format are below:

  • These sprints are for training purposes only. No results of any kind will be kept.
  • Riders will be put in groups of 4 based solely upon their most recent flying 200m TT (taken by self-declaration when registering) regardless of age or gender. Each rider will sprint every other rider in their grouping once. 
  • Riders will clip/strap in on the infield (while the preceding heat is taking place) in order according to their draw positions. Riders will then roll off from the inside wall and cross the finish line on the track surface at a walking speed to begin their ride. NO HOLDERS WILL BE USED FOR ANY SPRINT RIDES.
  • Any riders who break any current sprinting rules in the sparring may be ejected from the camp immediately and without a refund.

Seeding and heats will be done in the following format:

  • Round-Robin Sprint Sparring Ride 1 (1v4 and 2v3)
  • Round-Robin Sprint Sparring Ride 2 (1v3 and 2v4)
  • Round-Robin Sprint Sparring Ride 3 (1v2 and 3v4)
  • Additional heats MAY be run if the allotted track time allows!!! (Pairings for additional heats will be at the discretion of the coaches)

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