Start date: 04/16/2023

Registration: opens 02/14/2023
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Activities: Off-road 🚴🏿‍♂️, Pro laps, 2 laps

GID: 59660

The Black Bear Enduro course will be marked by Friday Morning! 

It is as follows

Stage 1- Raw and Wriggling (everyone but u14)

Stage 2- Black Bear Trail

Stage 3- Pine Ridge

Stage 4- Rob's Knob

Stage 5- The Gulch

The course is approximately 15 miles or less to pre ride and about 18-19 miles on the day of the race. Added miles are (Some miles from camp and fun single track) again, u14 does not do stage 1

Camp is in Dunlop Hollow through a few small creeks and will also be ready Friday morning. 

Registration will start 8AM on race day and race will begin at 930. No chip & go. 

Follow along on instagram @wvenduroseries for more updates and results for the whole series! 



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