Start date: 03/26/2023

Registration: opens 12/06/2022
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Activities: Off-road 🚴🏿‍♂️, MTB enduro, 5 laps

GID: 58297

Please find all of the details here:, below is a summary of things we think you will get stoked on. Race HQ will be in the main parking lot at Ft. Duffield. Parking will be down Honeysuckle Ln, and at the boat ramp/camping area. (We will share those details closer to the race.) We are working on getting arrangemtns for folks to camp for free if they like. More to come on all of that. 


FREE SWAG - We will do something for the first X amount of racers. Trying to see what sponsors have. Sign up early and you will get in on the mix for the extra goodies. 



We will not release the full details of the course until early March The course will be well marked with signs and tape in needed areas.

Here is what you need to know: 
- Five chip timed stages. 

- No Shuttles. Adaptive riders can request a shuttle if needed. 



Here are are notes about keeping you safe during this race. If you have any questions please send us an email and we will be glad to get back with you. 

- Full face recommended, but not required. 
- You have to keep your helmet on during the climb stages. 
- Course will have taped intersections, and some signs. We will add tape, or a netting to help identify technical areas. 
- The trails for this race are all considered Intermediate - Hard (Blue and Black). They require experience, and proper gear. If you're a new rider, or new enduro rider, consider the "Party Lappers" category. 


We send a race packet via email the week of the race to help answer questions about directions, scheudle, weather plans, etc. Typically you get that on Wednesday or Thursday of the race week. In the meantime, hit us up with questions. 


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