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Starts: 10/03/2021

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We do hard things.  Don't expect this to be your fastest marathon.  Don't come looking for an easy run, but come looking for a breathtaking one.  The Boston Mountains are beautiful, but this is no walk in the park.

One week before that more famous race is scheduled up north, come revel in the beauty of the Boston Mountains!  The first running of the Boston Mountain Marathon is an unsanctioned, unsupported footrace.  No cost, no frills, no prestige, just good old fashioned running!

Stretch out at the historic Oark General Store, then head to the starting line near the fire station at the base of County Road 34/Forest Service Road 1404.  You’ll run up, and *up* some more… the first four miles will see you climbing around 1300 feet up into the Boston Mountains.  Once you’ve made it to Hignite Gap, the hardest part is behind you.  Keep running to Arbaugh, about 10 miles in.  You’ll have some more developed roads for the next five miles as you run through Boston Township before a slight right on Newton 9360 Road brings you back off the beaten path.  Two miles down you’ll veer right onto Panther Circle, where you’ll get some serious downhill to Devil Jump Hollow.  Follow Panther Creek Road from there to Catalpa, where you’ll take one last right onto County Road 5440 and run just off the Mulberry River your last few miles before finishing back by the fire station.

Do not expect to have cell service along the majority of this course!  The roads you traverse are low traffic rural roads that will remain open during the event.  Many are not paved.  You are obligated to follow all of the rules of the road that pertain to pedestrians while participating in this event.  Failure to do so is grounds for immediate disqualification.  You may also encounter wildlife on this run, pay attention and enjoy the natural beauty of the area.  Prepare to be put to shame by how fast the white-tailed deer fly up the mountain, while you huff and puff behind.

While there will be no official aid stations - there is that whole southern hospitality thing, so water and snacks may be present.  Be sure to say thank you!

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