Start date: 09/16/2023

Registration: opens 06/01/2023
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Activities: Recreational 🚴🏿‍♂️, Bike tour, 5 km, 10 miles, 50 km, 100 km, 100 miles, 200 km, To the future of the children in our community minutes

GID: 60034

Last year's event was massive, with many estimating it to be the largest attended ride in the Kansas City area even though the event was only announced 11 days prior to the ride date. This year there is an entire year to prepare and it will show as the expectation is to be the best event you ride in KC in 2023 and beyond!!!

Let's "Brake the Cycle": We are super excited to announce CASA as our Children's Charity Partner!!!  Every penny of profit will go to this wonderful charity this year. CASA has been involved in helping 1,000s of children within our region, who to no fault of their own are in the foster care system. As a foster parent who has had 120 children live in his home, ride director JC Van Deventer, has seen first hand how tremendously beneficial CASA is to "Braking the Cycle" for so many of these children so they are able to lead successful adult lives in our community! 

A brief early window for the first 100 riders will open March 16th. Registration will open by June 7th.  We fully anticipate the event will sellout, so ensure you get your registration in early!

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