Start date: 01/03/2023

Registration: opens 10/11/2022
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Give a Gift of Health and Camaraderie.

CCAP's Indoor Winter Virtual Program Is Starting Soon!

Kids don't need more stuff. Well maybe except a shiny new bike :)

CCAP is again offering a great indoor group option for youth riders (6th-12th graders) with a virtual winter training program via the Zwift platform, now in its third season, starting right after Winter Break.

All ambitious young cyclists in grades 6-12 are welcome to join and ride with us on school day afternoons from the comfort of your home during the cold months, wherever you may be! Riders DO NOT have to be in Connecticut or members of CCAP teams. This is a great way to stay active through winter and enjoy the camaraderie of other junior riders from near and far!

Professional cyclist and CCNS Coach Ben Wolfe will coach our weekly virtual training series consisting of (3) three coached rides and club races per week, all via the private Meetup function of the Zwift game, on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5 PM ET.

This program will consist of two seasons: Base Builder (6 weeks) and Intensive Race Prep (4 weeks). Season 1 will run from January 3 to February 11 and Season 2 will run from February 13 to March 11. Riders registering for Season 2 MUST register for and successfully complete Season 1. Season 1 riders do not have to participate in Season 2.

Registration includes the following:

  • (3) Three weekly coached virtual practices (Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays @ 5PM ET sharp; get ready at 4:30) each Season
  • Special Edition Winter Program Commemorative T-shirt
  • Custom towel for riding indoors in style
  • Access to CCAP‚Äôs private Zoom channel for in-game communications (headphones and a separate device required)

Registration will first open for returning riders, and November 21, 2022 to the general public. Season 1 registration will close on December 30, 2022. Riders from Season 1 will have until February 1, 2023 to register for Season 2.

  • All registered riders and parents are required to attend the mandatory pre-season Zoom meeting on Thursday December 1, 2022.*
  • All registered riders are required to attend the mandatory Shakeout Ride on Tuesday, December 13, 2022.*

     * If you are registering after December 13, 2022, we will be in touch to make sure your rider is ready when practices start in January.

ATTENDANCE REQUIREMENT: All registered riders are expected to attend all scheduled practices and races. Planned absences must be communicated to the head coach in advance. There will be no make-ups.

We strongly recommend all new riders register for their FREE Zwift Kid Account (up to age 16, then $14.99/mo) immediately after completing registration for this program to ensure a timely response from Zwift.

Program details, including training schedule and other notes, will be sent to all registered riders prior to the pre-season Zoom meeting, so sign up soon! Riders can expect to learn the importance of goal setting and the theory of a periodized training schedule as they progress through the stages of the program. We will introduce key concepts for training and nutrition as our riders challenge themselves week after week and enter Spring 2023 with more endurance, power, and a positive outlook on the season ahead. And... we're going to have a lot of fun while we do it!

Equipment Requirements

Riders must have the following in order to participate in this program:

Please visit CCAP's pedal partners or your local bike shop to purchase the required gear. Contact us if in doubt. While we aren't Zwift's or your internet provider's tech support, we do have experience with Zwift and a variety of equipment setups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does CCAP have loaner trainers for this season?
Yes, but the trainers we have for loan are not smart trainers, and are very basic. They are a great way to find out if your child would like the Winter Program. We have a limited supply, on first come first serve basis. Please email us via for availability. These non-smart trainers will work only for Season 1 and with limitations, and you will need to acquire a speed sensor and heart rate monitor to participate. These loaner trainers will not work for Season 2. Please consider purchasing a current model from CCAP's pedal partners or your local bike shop to get the best setup for your child's indoor riding and training experience, and perhaps yours as well :) Trainers are in ample supply and holiday deals abound.

Will my Peloton bike work with Zwift?
No. Peloton bikes only work on the Peloton platform. You will need a Zwift-supported smart trainer and interfaces listed in the Equipment Requirements section above in order to participate.

Who will be present during the workouts? Will I be alone or with other riders?
Great question! We will be utilizing the "Meetup" feature on Zwift, which will give the appearance that our group has the place to ourselves, when in fact others are just hidden from our view. Participants in the program and coaches will be visible to each other, so you'll always with the team, and never riding alone.

How will we communicate during the workouts and races?
We will be using Zoom for in-ride communications. Participants will receive an invitation link to join the series of meetings prior to our first "shake out" ride on December 13. In addition to the device used for interfacing Zwift (iPad, laptop, AppleTV, etc), we highly recommend using a smartphone or other device for Zoom. This will eliminate accidental drop-outs in signal, etc. Riders are expected to have their cameras on for ALL sessions.

What happens if I'm late for the workout, can I still join?
Please be on time! We suggest logging on to Zwift at least 15-30 minutes prior to each planned workout or race to ensure your connection is solid, your equipment is working and you have a few minutes to warm up. Unlike group rides in the real world, Zwift allows Meet-up attendees to join UP TO 30 minutes in to the practice Meet-up. After the 30 minute window, you will not be able to locate and "ride with" individual riders or coaches.

Please note that once we're rolling at practice/race start time, we won't be able to assist you with joining, nor will you be able to join practice once the 30-minute window has passed. Be on time!

I'm not able to make all of the rides? Is there a reduced price for occasional "drop-ins?"
Due to the progressive nature of the workouts, we do not allow drop-in riders or occasional participation. Coach Ben has put together a great plan designed to get our riders prepped for the 2023 season, and it's in every rider's best interest to join all the scheduled practices. Please review CCAP Code of Conduct during registration and note the maximum absences allowed.

When will we receive the workout schedule?
Prior to the December 1 mandatory Zoom call with all parents and riders, registered riders will receive a synopsis of the season, as well as info on the program workouts. 

I did a few workouts and didn't like it. Will I be able to get a refund for the season?
Sorry, but payment for the season is final and we will not offer any refunds once the season has started. If you're unsure about Zwift or virtual training, we suggest giving Zwift a try via their trial period before signing up for our program.

Can my parents join the workouts?
Our program is limited to juniors in 6th-12th grade (or aged 11-19 this season). For other ages, we recommend exploring the Zwift game on your own. Parents interested in personalized individual training, please contact coaches who provide winter training options for adults, such as Charles Coaching & Nutrition Services.

We have multiple riders in our house interested in the program. Is there a "sibling" or "family" discount for this program?
Yes. Please contact us via for more information.


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