Start date: 01/20/2023

Registration: opens 10/14/2022
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Join us for our Women's CCNS vCamp!

Can't make it to an in-person training camp this winter?  CCNS has you covered.  Join us for a game-changing 3-day block of tailored training on Zwift, webinar-style online clinics, and live coaching every morning from 9 am -12 pm (EDT).  We can't wait for you to connect and communicate with CCNS coaches and your fellow campers as we all push ourselves in a positive, team-oriented atmosphere.

Can't make it to this particular virtual camp? We have vCamps running in November, December, January, and February.

What to Expect from vCamp

  • A pre-camp one-on-one goals review and power profile analysis.
  • A benchmark 3-day block of focused and fun training, accountability, and community. 
  • In-depth clinics on training, on and off-the-bike nutrition, and racing tactics (on both e-racing + IRL racing)
  • Scheduled personal off-the-bike consultations and ride-file analysis by a CCNS coach.  
  • Real-time coached Zwift racing guidance.  


Meet Your Coaches







While each specific day of training and your personal goals may be unique, a few things are consistent from day to day: 

  • 9 am SHARP: Group greetings and morning core
  • Pre-ride Briefing... The day's goals, the route, and highlights
  • RIDE! The average training ride length is between 1.75-2.5 hours. 
  • Training ride preview for the next day

CCNS vCamp Requirement Rules

Do you need help with any of these technical challenges? We'll help!

#1: CCNS vCampers must be able to talk via Zoom during the training time window.
CCNS vCampers must be able to use a browser window (that's separate from your Zwift display) for clinics/webinars, etc.

#3: Mandatory Daily Attendance: We want to help you commit to an epic week of training and take your riding to a new level. That said, a huge part of your success is being consistent - If you miss the start of any ride, you're out for the rest of the camp.  

Your First Steps

Step 1: Sign Up here!
Step 2: Schedule a call with a CCNS Coach to discuss your riding and goals

Step 3: Start "training for training camp!"

Congratulations! You’re on your way to a benchmark year on the bike!


Do you want to learn more? 

What will CCNS vCamp's daily training look like?  What clinic topics will be covered?  Email us at to receive a detailed weekly overview and get answers to any questions you may have!



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