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Thursday 10 June would have marked Prince Philip’s 100th birthday. And for the millions around the world who are - or have been - part of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award family, we are celebrating the extraordinary life and legacy of our Founder.

On Thursday 10 June AT 10am BDA time, The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation is proud to host A Global Celebration, the first ever online international event for the entire Award family all over the world. From participants and alumni to volunteers and donors, we would love everyone to join in!

Hosted by UK TV Presenter Rhys Stephenson and joined by HRH Prince Edward, we’ll be celebrating all things Award with stories, music and the launch of something very exciting that you won’t want to miss! Together, let’s continue to build on the legacy HRH created, ensuring its future and championing the infinite potential of young people for years to come. #WORLDREADY

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Caribbean Award Sub-Regional Council (CASC) Challenge100 – Take part in one or challenge yourself and do all four!

In honor of the 100th year of our Founder, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, we are proud to celebrate his life and legacy. To honor him and all he’s done for young people, the Award is launching Challenge 100. 

Join the Bermuda Award with our family and friends from the CASC Regional Islands: Bahamas, Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana and many more, to take part in the CASC Challenge100. There are four challenges:

1. The physical challenge takes place during the month of June, if you consider yourself an elite athlete take it up a notch and set your challenge for 30 days or less. You can walk, run, cycle, swim or do any other activity or exercise routine, anytime, anyplace.

2.The skill challenge starts in July – World Skills Day 

3. The Adventurous Journey in July

4. The Voluntary Service in September 

and recently added:

Alumni Olympics Adventuring Weekend: Calling Dukers past alumni, and present participants, family and friends to a come and enjoy three days of fun and games – DofE style. Upload all the fun photos and team points per event (Pentathlon = 9). Who wants to win and the bragging rights as being the FIRST ALUMNI OLYMPIC TEAM CHAMPIONS. Event Information –  August 6th to August 8th (minimum of 5 and maximum of 7 per team)

Do it solo, in a pair or make a team to complete the goal of 100. It’s whatever you choose! There are infinite possibilities...whether you’re planting 100 trees, baking 100 cakes, or walking for 100km, it’s your challenge, your way. Use the Award’s sections to inspire you. Just make it 100 and help to ensure The Duke’s legacy can continue for years to come. #AwardChallenge100 

1.      CHOOSE YOUR CHALLENGE Pick your activity, using the Award’s sections for inspiration. Whether it’s minutes, bakes, words or steps, just make it 100. 

2.      RAISE MONEY Set your fundraising target and help more young people to be world ready

3.      MAKE NOISE Share your progress using #AwardChallenge100 and challenge others to get involved.

#1 Physical Recreation - June 10th – July 14th Complete the CASC 100 Fitness Challenge or choose your own. 

#2 Skill – July 14th – August 14th –Learn 100 new skills or improve on old ones. 

#3 Adventurous Journey Challenge - July 23 – October 14th Complete 100 outdoor “Adventures” in a team or by yourself. 

#4 Voluntary Service Challenge – September 15th – October 14th Complete 100 Acts of Kindness or 100 Minutes of Voluntary Service 

Pricing for all four Events

Under 13 - $15

Under 18 - $25

18+ $40 

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