Start date: 03/31/2023

Registration: opens 01/27/2023
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Hello everyone!  Thank you for your entry to the 1st Annual Champions Velodrome Beginning Racer Program.  We have an action packed 3 days of skills, tactics and racing lined up for you and thought it would be helpful to share some logistics ahead of time. Please sign up early for $75 discount. Enrollment limited to 30.


Friday 11 to 1: 250m Track Certification for non-250 track certified riders and roadies. Discounted fee $30

Clinic check in 1-2PM

Friday Afternoon-

Clinic Program: Session 1 and 2. Each session will include  1) drills, 2) short  races and 3) race debrief

#1) 2-8 PM A) Introduction to track cycling: drills, group riding including including rules of the track--training and racing protocol, basic bike safety, equipment, gearing and maintenance: B)  Intro to TT, individual events: starts, leg speed, gearing, getting aero, time splits (negative splits) and proper pacing.

#2) Intro to Mass Start Racing I ; Scratch Race: Riding and moving with awareness in a group. Two basic strategies, breaking away or setting and executing final sprint. Elimination Race; Finding position to sprint or not be last! 

Dinner social 9 pm (optional, Resaturant TBD)



8-9 AM Breakfast at Velodrome 2nd floor mtg room: coffee, continental breakfast. Presentations and discussions

#3) 9 to Noon: Match Sprinting I: F200s Proper warmup, ramping up, primary acceleration, getting aero, riding the black line. Match Sprinting: Awareness of opponent, making the pass, preventing the pass.

Sat Lunch (provided): 1-3 Classroom and film review(s):


#4) 3-6 PM: Mass Start Racing II: Scratch & Points races; Team TT (Pursuit) basics.

Dinner optional (on own) 8 pm




Breakfast 7-9: Coffee and continental breakfast (Bagel and cream cheese),  Presentations, film reviews, questions and answers.


#5) 9 AM to Noon: Match Sprinting II: Improving 200 time. Winning from the front, winning from the back. Using the banking to gain speed. Intro toTeam Sprinting

Noon: Upgrade certifications presentation: 5 to 4, full upgrade: 4 to 3, 1/2 upgrade (pending)*

Afternoon: 1-5

Rain delay times and/or Private coaching available if needed/desired


Venue:  Rock Hill Velodrome

Housing: Rock Hill Preferred housing suggested. List to follow


Food:  Lunch provided Saturday April 1. All other meals on your own.


Gary Hoffman / Program Director – USAC Level 2 Coach


Bob Reppert/Co-Director-USAC Coach








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