Everyone can run! Everyone can play piano, too. Few do either well without instruction. Learning either begins with the fundamentals: posture, technique unless one prefers the least expensive way, the hard way, the way with more frustration and lesser performance...with running efficient technique equals less soreness, faster running, quicker recovery times and fewer injuries.

A portion of the proceeds from the Chi Running & Pain Free Method Workshop will be donated to charity: Outreach Center of West Houston
Learn how to run with the right techniques, efficiently. There are not many sports we cannot play and there are not many we can play well without instruction! The techniques that enable runners to run faster over longer distances while absorbing less shock. Shock from impact creates energy to propel the runner forward or it is absorbed which is the repetitive stress causing soreness and injury. Adult runners rarely find technique mentioned in training plans or part of run-of-the-mill running club programs. No surprise as most are not trained in technique let alone to teach it. It is a fundamental skill that only trained runners learn, usually at the collegiate level, and professional coaches certify.Sugar Land Memorial Park provides everything we need in terms of various surfaces, gradients, bathroom and a wall...yes, we need a wall for a drill. We will begin at 9:00 a.m. Below is the registration link. Look forward to working with you!

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