The Damascus Freedom 5K is an annual community event held in remembrance of 9/11. We aim to be respectful of the anniversary of the attacks, but also to celebrate our freedom and give back to those who serve(d) and their families by donating all proceeds to good non-profit organizations that combine to support our troops and their families.

This year we will be celebrating our Vietnam Veterans.  The Vietnam War occurred before many of us were born but make no mistake, the stories from that era are very, very important and there is so much for us to learn.  We have incredible heroes and history around us and don't even know it, but sadly those numbers are dwindling.  I'm pleased to invite our Vietnam veterans to this year's event and to announce that a portion of the event proceeds this year will go to support the efforts of The National Vietnam War Museum so that future generations can learn about that era.  Vietnam Vets: Please register HERE.

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