Desert Gravel - "Like no other on Earth!"

At Desert Gravel, we are about people, bikes, inclusion, giving, and going big! Additionally, we have a VERY strong focus on women and getting more women on gravel. We strive to have the highest percentage of women in a gravel event. Last year our Gravel Girl Promo put our field at 40% women. This year, we'll do even more to gain that last 10%!

Whether you are looking for a kick-ass race or a big, personal challenge Co2uT, with its 5 courses of 30, 70, 100, 125 or 190 miles, offers you an exceptional gravel experience! Are you new to gravel, a veteran racer, or looking to stretch your definition of long and hard? At Co2uT we've got a Monster ready for you! Are you ready for it?

The desert is a challenging place. The terrain, the weather, and the conditions can be harsh. But for those who thrive there, from the birds of prey, coyote, or antelope to us, we've learned that every challenge is an opportunity to persevere and come out stronger and better than before. And, in the spirit of getting out of your comfy sand box and into a bigger one we allow you to drop from the 125 course to the 100 and the 190 to the 125 mid race (miles 50 and 65 respectively) and anyone that goes bigger and needs to downgrade pre-race is welcome to do it. So, Go Big and Gravel on!

If you ride with us we are confident that as you round each bend in the road, top each climb along the way, and take a few seconds to lift your head and look around, you will see the desert in an entirely new light. The harshness wanes, the edges soften, and the colors that you can't quite define shine bright. 

Starting in the iconic cycling town of Fruita, Colorado our Desert Gravel experience isn't just a race or a ride... It's a destination event for the entire clan! As we love to say, "Come here for the race and stay for everything else!" Make sure to check out our website WTF and Grand Junction page to learn more about all the things you can do before and after Co2uT! Please be sure to read our COVID-19 Policy and refund policy before finalizing your registration

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