Start date: 03/04/2023

Registration: opens 11/30/2022
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Activities: Gravel grinder, Recreational 🚴🏿‍♂️, 40-60-80-100-150-200!!!! miles

Remember, this is an UNSUPPORTED ride (not a race): there is NO support, NO sag stops, NOR support vehicles. The course will NOT be marked, and there will be NO printouts prior to the ride. YOU are 100% responsible for YOU, YOUR welfare, YOUR equipment, YOUR navigation, and YOUR own food and drink. If you need a juice box and a hug every 20 miles, this is not the ride for you, please stay home.

You MUST have a registration on your smart phone enter the facility - everyone in the car must be execptions.  

If you show up without a registration, you will be sent to the spot for unruly people...  

Thank you -

Betsy Barfield


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