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Starts: 10/17/2021

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Activities: Running race, 19 Miles, 19K

It’s 2021! We know a lot of the riff-raff carried over from the year that shall not be named, but what we have learned from it is that life is short and every single moment is precious. As the world still faces the reality of an ongoing pandemic, we turn to those moments of joy, resilience,  achievement and excellence that are happening along the way. Each bead of sweat and mile logged tells a story and this year we want to use our miles to amplify the unsung heroes and champions of our time. Together, let’s celebrate life and give flowers of every shade, shape and color to those who impact and inspire us in the present moment while paving the way for the future. Join us.

This October, we are running back the District 19 Miler and 19K race series hosted by District Running Collective. District 19 is a dynamic race experience originally created to help DC runners cope with the cancellation of the fall race season and long-distance race experience during the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. We chose the number 19 for our annual race series to continue to pay homage to those we’ve lost but also the tremendous perspective gained in the year 2020.

Our miles are dedicated to you. For our city, our communities and the culture. These miles are coming. 


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