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Dr. Zero Presents: Ragnarok Run, a Thematic 10K Walk/Run Challenge
10 Kilometers on 'K' at a time

What is the Ragnarok Run?

First, it is a virtual walk/run which means you, at your own pace, walk or run a minimum of ten kilometers over ten days.

Second, Ragnarok Run is an immersive puzzle challenge on a new world ending theme each year. By solving the puzzles and being active, you uncover the story.

  • Solve the Puzzles [the Mental Challenge] to uncover the story
  • Complete the Virtual Race [the Physical Challenge] to unlock unique daily badges
What do you mean immersive?

Forget boring old 5Ks--Dr. Zero makes participants part of the story by incorporating emails, benchmarks, puzzles and narratives to encourage and engage participants through the challenge.

Do I really walk ten miles?

Yes. Over ten days--hopefully at one kilometer per day--participants complete the activity challenge just in time for New Year's day. Participants are free to use an equivalent activity in lieu of walking.

What do I get if I join?

How very mercenary of you...all official members of the Obscurious Illustratus receive the following accoutrements (swag): 

  • The seasonal campaign badge (race medal) with the unique design
  • A really good time

Please note, the store front will have the official, 'I saved the world today, what did you do' t-shirt?' available for an additional cost (it is not included in the registration).

Is this a competition?

Only against ennui and the architects of the end of the world.

Why does it take place between December 21st and December 31st?

Well, first, it is exactly ten days between the winter solstice and the start of the New Year. 

Secondly, it is cold and dark in the northern hemisphere and it can be hard to remain active with all that time of year demands.

Lastly, because world ending events just seem to occur on a annual basis during those days. At least that's what the Doctor says...


It can be hard to stay in motion and motivated during the holiday season, but what if you are doing it to stop Ragnarok? By virtually venturing around the world, solving the puzzles, and generally sussing out the mystery, participants will uncover clues as to how to prevent impending doom. Providing they can complete the mental, physical, and social challenges.

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