Start date: 06/19/2022

Registration: opens 04/03/2022
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Activities: Time trial 🚴🏿‍♂️, 12.6 miles, 12.9 miles

GID: 55304

Race Parking is at the Deerfield Township Hall at 1450 SR 14 in Deerfield Township, Ohio.

You'll start on a ramp at the Deefield Township Hall and head northwest on SR 14 towards Edinburg.  You'll make a U-Turn just before the Intersection of SR 183 and head back to the township hall.  You will finish at the American Legion on SR 14.  Total course length is 12.6 miles.

The course is open to traffic.  There will be police support at the township hall and at your U-Turn in Edinburg.  There are no stop signs or traffic lights on SR 14 to worry about.

On BikeReg, racers are asked to sign up for either Standard Class, Age Groups, or Teams/Tandem

Age Groups - you may use any equipment in this class.  Usually folks are decked out in Time Trial bikes with aero bars and aero-equipment such as helmets, skin suits, disc wheels, etc.  The age groups are Under 18, 18-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, and 70+

Standard - This is for folks for non-aero equipment.  No Aero-bars or TT Bikes, no disc wheels, skinsuits, shoe covers, or aero-helmets.  We understand that road bikes now come with carbon deep-dish wheels, so that's ok as long as they're not disc wheels or covered wheels.

Teams/Tandems - This can be a two-person team or tandem.

Check-in as at the Deerfield Township hall.  You will be given a Bib and a Timing chip.  The # on the Bib represents your start time.  So Bib #1 will go off at 8:01am and Bib #25 will go off at 8:25am (roughly).  We'll send riders off at 1 minute intervals. 

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