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Starts: 10/23/2021

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Activities: Running race, 5K

This is a fun run / walk with special emphasis to allow people to come and bring their dogs to walk.  It will be over a 5K course at Bowie Nature Park but there will be a detour for those who have older dogs or personal health reasons needing to cut the distance shorter.  We are also intending to add a race at the start, where runners may start at the early time and we will time their run and list people according to their times (if there are ten who compete, we will give out three awards and just tell the others their time so no one is publically embarassed!  This is FOR FUN!).  We wont know how we plan to do this until we know how many have signed up for it.

Money is being raised to give to the local Humane Society and to the new Playground Build for the park.  It will be divided up 20% for the Humane Society and 80% for the Playground build. Emphasis is on the Playground build so it can be completed on time in July 2022 which will service the community as a free place to take kids and families (and their dogs).  And then extra money given to help the Humane Society as they are a valuable contributor to the Fairview area community and in 2020 they were not able to have many fundraisers.  The county animal control still received funds of support from the government but the plan is to incorporate the animal control as well in the future.  This year, the Playground is a community priority and the Chamber wants to help with that.

So come out and get a Tshirt and exercise - run or walk with your friends and or with your dog!  Enjoy our beautiful nature park!  Support several great causes!

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