Spring 5K FINISH Training Program

Kick off 2023 right and get the spark you need to jumpstart your running journey. Our professionally-designed programs offer more than just a workout. You will become part of our community where experienced coaches will work out WITH you and cheer you on. You will make new friends with similar goals, and enjoy a motivational atmosphere that helps keep you engaged so you can- stick with the program.

Our 5K FINISH program is a learn to walk, run/walk or run program designed for the true beginner. During this 8 week program, participants are surrounded by a team of dedicated, motivated people all working toward the goal of becoming healthy and strong. By the time they cross the finish line of our goal 5K race, team members will have learned the importance of proper form, stretching, hydration, and nutrition - all the tools needed to maintain their new fitness routine.

Join our group of friendly, knowledgeable coaches and staff for two weekly workouts, weekly clinics, and bonus events. The training programs will kick off on Thursday, January 5th. Whether you want to train for your first race or you are trying to improve your time, this program for you. All programs will provide challenging workouts whether you choose the completion or performance training plans.  Have more questions or want to learn more? Email us at community@fleetfeetsandiego.com or visit us in-store!

Weekly Workout Times

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:15pm

  • We also provide an optional full workout schedule for all non-group training days so that you can keep your weekly mileage.

Group Training Atmosphere

These are fully supported group runs complete with turn-by-turn routes and our passionate and knowledgeable team of coaches, staff, and mentors. You'll be able to utilize comprehensive weekly newsletters, guest presenters on a variety of topics including nutrition, motivation, injury prevention and more.

Goal Race

San Diego Leprechaun Run 5K


We use a schedule that is designed to increase evenly and progressively from start to finish. We break it up into multiple training phases for a typical training program, each with very specific training focuses:

Weeks 1-2: Introduction - in these weeks we introduce you to base pace, various workout types, and common themes in running
Weeks 3-4: Build & Strength - these weeks we will begin to increase weekly mileage, add strength and flexibility training, and focus on consistency 
Weeks 5-7: Sharpen & Lengthen - in this phase, we get confident with our work and perfect what we've done previously
Week 8, Race Week: Recover & Race Prep - the last few weeks of training are dedicated to rest, race planning and staying loose

  • Our programs are progressive in nature, with each week building upon the last - slow, steady and consistent! Weekday meetups consist of different types of workouts (intervals, hills, fartlek, tempo, plyometrics, and good form running)

Exclusive Discounts and Prizes

Throughout the program you'll have access to in-store discounts on all the essentials you'll need to maximize your training.  You'll also earn an exclusive training program technical t-shirt, and we'll have some other special prizes and giveaways throughout the season too! 

Program Cost

8 week 5K FINISH: $75


Email us at community@fleetfeetsandiego.com, call us at the store at 858-793-5335, or come by and ask us in person!

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