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Activities: Walking only, Running race, Running only
GID: 10232

The Women's Beginning Walking and Running Clinic (Princess Steps) may be what you have been looking for. Whether you want to get into shape, improve your current fitness level or simply work on consistency, this is your golden opportunity.

Select from different groups, each one progressing throughout the 12-week clinic. Benefit from the camaraderie and energy of your group and change groups at any time. Get to know others in your group and develop new exercise buddies. Experience how fun walking and running can be and have a wonderful time!

Each week includes a 30-minute fitness talk to help you learn the basics of starting a program and staying injury-free. Following the talk, leaders will guide you and your group through a fun exercise session.

*** Changing lives since 1998 ***
Spring Clinic * March-April-May
Fall Clinic * August-September-October

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