Start date: 10/21/2023

Registration: opens 01/01/2023
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Activities: Gift Card, Gravel grinder, 20 miles, 20 km

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Grateful 2023

No Podiums, No Pressure, No Prejudice

Welcome back to Grateful, a multicourse, mixed-surface community bike event.  This year we will offer all the same excitement from the past with a few twists and turns that will help keep things interesting! Set once again at both The Barn At Top of The World and Memphremagog Trails, participants will not only find amazing trails and challenging terrain, but will be witness to peak fall foliage in the Northeast Kingdom. 

Each course will offer something exciting for all riders of all abilities.  The day will begin with a 5K (plus) cyclocross-inspired course.  There will be no barriers, but riders will be challenged by the natural terrain.  Course 2 will allow riders a new kind of course compared to past years.  Details are sparse right now, but the words "GRAVEL" and "TIME TRIAL" come to mind.  The day's rides will culminate with a cross-country tour featuring a mixture of class IV, double track, and singletrack mountain bike trails.  Bring those climbing legs because after 2 other courses, you are bound to feel this one!  In an effort to be more mindful of the local environment, less barrier tape will be used this year, however, all courses will be clearly marked with reusable signage.

Bike choice is key for this event  DO NOT BRING A ROAD BIKE!!!  We recommend a cyclocross/gravel bike with chunky tires OR a hardtail/full suspension mountain bike.  Both set-ups have their advantages and disadvantages adding to the excitement of this event.  Want to bring multiple bikes?  Go for it, but please remember, YOU ONLY GET ONE RACE BIB, so be sure to have a way to swap it over before your races. Once again The Jay Cloud Cyclery will be on hand to support and fix any mechanical issues that arise.

This year we will offer RUNNERS a chance to run the 20K XC course.  Runners should expect breathtaking views, challenging climbs, and a huge payoff at the top!  You are going to want to bring a camera!

Prizes you ask?  Podiums?  Negative on both fronts.  The only prize that matters is the fact that we can surround ourselves with great people.  The only podium that matters is your own personal one.  This event will offer timing, but it will not impact anything other than your own personal challenges.  Race to ride, don't ride to race.  After, each participant, regardless of where they finish, will be walking away with some great apparel courtesy of Louis Garneau!  If you know, you know.  If you don't know, just ask!   

Ultimately, Grateful is all about Community.  As such, we encourage ALL community members to sign up, whether they are looking to ride, or are just there for the party.  With live music and games, dancing, food, beverage, prizes, and more, there is something everyone can be GRATEFUL for.  Portions of proceeds from this event will be donated to the Halo Foundation and Norah Beads, both creating positive change in our local community!

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