Welcome to the Heart Hustle Virtual 5K and 15K hosted by the J.A. Walters Family YMCA .

February is Heart Health Month, and a great time to add exercise to your lifestyle, if you aren’t doing it already.

Description:  This is a cumulative fun run/walk.  Choose what works best for you and run/walk to improve cardiovascular health! This is a *VIRTUAL RACE*!  Complete your activity when you want, where you want, as much as you want!  Indoors, exercise machine, or outdoor activity ALL counts!!! Add up all your miles from Feb 1 to Feb 28 and submit as many activities as you want!
Price: Free
Goal: Complete a 5K or 15K between 2/1-2/28 anywhere you feel safe outdoors (i.e. neighborhood, trail, city sidewalks, etc.)



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