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Saturday, August 26th from 7:00a - 7:00p

Hell on Hogsback: Endurance Challenge in Cleveland, Ohio is a physical and mental test geared towards those looking to give back in a BIG way on one of the most infamous hills the area has to offer.  The race is located in the Rocky River Reservation at the top of Stinchcomb Memorial Hill. The objective is simple: how many times can you complete the out & back hill course within the allotted time? 


Hell on Hogsback is a 0.75 mile out & back (or what some might say...down & up) course with 122ft elevation gain & 122ft elevation descent at an average 12% grade per lap.  Starting at the top of Stinchcomb Memorial Hill, runners will head down to the bottom of the hill, take a sharp right, and continue their way down to the bottom of Hogsback Lane.  At the bottom of Hogsback, runners will loop around a cone and reverse their footsteps back up Hogsback & to the top of Stinchcomb. Runners will complete their lap by completing a loop through the parking lot where runner's aid stations, tents, and vendors will be. 

There will be three different endurance challenges available:

  1. Solo - 12 Hour Endurance Challenge (Starting @ 7:00a)
  2. Solo - 1 Hour Endurance Challenge (Starting @ 7:00a)
  3. Two Person Teams - 12 Hour Endurance Challenge (Starting @ 7:00a)

Our Mission

Our internal ethos is #EndureForCancer.  

Through this ethos, it is our mission to positively change the course of one cancer patient's life who is unable to fund their surgical or medical procedure(s). Through our website, individuals and their families will be able to apply for funding. The application portal will go live on May 1st, 2023. After the race, the race committee will select a candidate & hand-deliver a check consisting of 100% of the race proceeds to the person in need.


Those looking to give back, but do not wish to participate in the event may do so through the donation link at the top of this page.  


Solo (1 Hour Fun Run) Male: Top 3 Overall

Solo (1 Hour Fun Run) Female:  Top 3 Overall

Solo (12 Hour Run) Male:  Top 3 Overall

Solo (12 Hour Run) Female:  Top 3 Overall

Teams of 2 (12 Hour Run) Male, Female, & Co-Ed:  Top 1 Overall


All registrations are DONATION-based.  

Each registration requires a minimum donation depending on the event: 

Solo: 1 Hour Endurance Challenge ($30)
Two-Person Teams: 12-Hour Endurance Challenge ($200)

Solo:12-Hour Endurance Challenge ($150)

Hell on Hogsback Policies: 

REFUNDS: 50% refund will be granted before the 30-day period prior to the event.  No refunds will be given if within the 30-day period prior to the event. 

DEFERRALS: No deferrals for Hell on Hogsback. 

BIB TRANSFERS: No bib transfers for solo registrants. Bibs may be transferred between team registrants for a $20 fee.

CHANGING DISTANCE: 12 Hour Solo participants may drop to the 1-Hour Fun Run race option at any point. They are not eligible for overall awards or age group awards. 

SWAG: Swag is available at packet pickup only. The race committee is unable to deliver, ship, or arrange swag pickup after the completion of the event.




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