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Drs. Howerton, Hopkin, Kennedy and Clark are introducing our FIRST ever HHKC Summer Scurry: 50/75/100 Mile Challenge (you can run or walk it!) as a fun way to inspire a healthy lifestyle and culture! :)

This is an exciting way to take your running or walking to a new level (we know some of you are very competitive!).  The Challenge is to run or walk 50, 75, or 100 Miles (total accumulated mileage...doesn't have to be done all at once!) between Sunday, April 23rd, 2023 and Thursday, August 31st, 2023. Anywhere, anytime, and at your own pace. You can track your run/walk distance with any app, watch, fitness device, or treadmill that you would like.  Challenge begins the day you start logging in your mileage and you have until August 31st (11:59 pm) to complete your chosen challenge.  **Note:  If you would like to include bike miles to this run/walk challenge, then the conversion is 3 bike miles = 1 run/walk mile.

Submit your Miles to the provided online log-in Miles tracker.  This is an exciting way to engage each other in healthy habits/activity during summer with a goal of having fully integrated exercise and fitness for a healthier New Year in 2024.  The 50/75/100 Mile Challenge is open to everyone at HHKC! :)


How to log your miles:

If you are already signed into RunSignUp go to the Results Tab, then follow the directions below.

How to log your miles:

Sign up on RunSignUp first - If you are already signed into RunSignUp go to the Results Tab, then follow the directions below:
-Click on Submit Virtual Results. 
-Now put in your miles. the date, and click on Submit Activity.
-You can now go back to the results (click on "50 Mile Virtual Challenge", "75 Mile Virtual Challenge", or "100 Mile Virtual Challenge") and see everyone's progress.
-You can click on your name and see your progress toward your goal. 
-If you need to make any corrections or deletions in your activities. You need to log into RunSignUp, go to your activities, and click on the pencil icon to edit or the trash icon to delete.

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