Welcome to the Hometown PR Club Challenge!  Our goal is for you to improve your running over the course of the year.  While the PR you set may not be your overall PR, we do want you to have a PR over a series of races.  And we want to offer you some incentive for the effort!

How it works:  Improve your time consecutively over a series of 3 Hometown Happenings races.   This means that, with each race, you will improve your 5K time.  For example:  Race 1 = 31 min.  Race 2 = 30 min.  Race 3 - 29 min.  If you don't improve between the races, you will start your count over until you have 3 races in a row where you improve each time.  

Reward:  Each member who achieves this goal will receive a Hometown PR Challenge Medal and $10 Gift Card.

EXTRA Reward!!  If you improve your time over a series of 3 races TWICE...you will get a Second Award!!

Cost:  Free to join!

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