Did you know that the average American uses approximately 82 gallons of water every day? Did you know that 790 million people in the world lack access to clean water?  Often, women and girls spend up to 6 hours a day walking to retrieve water for their families, on average walking 3.7 miles each way, carrying large, heavy jugs of water. In developing countries where access to clean water is very limited, 80% of diseases are linked to water and sanitation conditions.  If you could change someone's ability to access clean water, would you?  

Hydrate is a race series consisting of a 5K Walk/Run, Family Mile, and Kids Water Challenge.  All proceeds from the race will benefit WorldServe International to give clean water access to people around the world. 

WorldServe International is a leading provider of clean water wells in sub-Saharan Africa. We start with water as the foundation for communities to become self-sufficient, capable of adding additional services such as health care, sanitation, job training and education.  They assist the World Health Organization's target goal to see universal and equitable access to clean water for ALL by the year 2030. Every year, WSI sees over 100,000 people experience life change through our large-scale, sustainable, solar-powered water projects. For the 319 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa living without access to clean water and even more people living without sanitation, we hope you will join us in giving Africa our best! 

Learn more about WorldServe International HERE.

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