Have you ever doubted yourself?  

Have you ever heard that little voice that tries to tell you that you're not strong enough to weather the storm? 

Well now is the time to step up and say.... "I AM THE STORM!"

Challenge yourself to a 5k race, or challenge yourself to log 100 miles (total accumulated mileage... doesn't have to be done all at once!)

NEW! 100+ Mile Bike Challenge!!!!

This event is a celebration of our strength.  Of our ability to overcome obstacles and challenge the mountains that lie before us.  If you're running in honor of a friend or loved one, or celebrating your own victory over cancer, health challenges, abuse, or any of the challenges live throws at us, this is your event!

How This Works:

  1. Register for either the 5K Run/Walk,  100 Mile Distance Challenge, or the 100+ Bike Challenge
  2. We'll Ship Your awesome race swag to your door!
  3. Log your workouts on the results page (click here)
  4. Post your Results on the Facebook Page (optional)  

Your opinion on I Am the Storm Distance Challenge?

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