We are excited to start back up our Injury Assessment Nights! Do you have an ache or pain that you are not sure how to fix? Maybe calf or shin or hip pain from running/cycling or exercising? Amanda Lynch, MPT, ACT, and ASTYM certified will be at RunnersWorld Tulsa Thursday March 2nd at 6:15 for by appointment to assess any injury issues. 

Please reserve a spot because spots are limited. Amanda will spend 10-15 mins with you to discuss the issues and assess the situation. Sometimes it is as simple as doing some stretches or strength exercises to fix!

We will have our Free Group Run Thursday night at 5:30pm if you would like to join us for a couple miles before or after your assessment. We will have HOKA onsite with demo shoes for you to tryout for a run or walk.

Your opinion on Injury Assessment with Amanda Lynch?

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