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Welcome to our 2024 edition Winter Swim Clinics. Our first 3 clinics will be "beginner" focused, working on our long axis stroke. Additional clinics will work on start and turn, short axis strokes, more advanced freestyle drills, and open water focus.

8 clinic dates from 10:45am-12:00pm:

  1. Sunday 12/3 - Beginner/Intro Learn the basics - intro to freestyle and backstroke drills.
  2. Sunday 12/10  - Beginner #2
  3. Sunday 1/14 - Beginner #3
  4. Sunday 1/21  - Intermediate #1  *These 3 clinics will build upon the skills learned in previous clinics, specifically focused on improving your freestyle stroke economy/efficiency.
  5. Sunday 1/28 - Intermediate #2
  6. Sunday 2/4 - Intermediate #3
  7. Sunday 2/18 - Underwater Video Analysis
  8. Sunday 2/25 - Open Water Clinic in the pool.  We'll practice sighting, starts, drafting, buoy turns, and much more.  Working on these skills early in the season in the pool so they'll become more intuitive in the open water.

You'll be working mostly with French Creek Racing coaches Mack Henderson, John Kenny, and others.  These clinics are open to swimmers and multi-sport athletes of all levels.  Our primary focus will be to improve your overall efficiency and speed, both in the pool and in open water.  

By participating, you will learn and practice drills focused on:
- Improved efficiency and connectivity with the water over time
- Conserving energy
- Getting used to getting out of your comfort zone
- Swimming faster with less energy expenditure in the pool and open water
- Having FUN in the process

Each clinic will take place at Villanova University's Jake Nevin Field House.  Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes early to be in the water by 10:45AM at the latest.

*For all participants, we recommend bringing any swim equipment you own.  If you don't own a pair of fins, we'd suggest picking up a pair prior to these sessions, particularly for beginning level swimmers.

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