Riverside Park Battle Creek MI 49015 US
Type of Activity: 10K, 5K, Running, Track Running
Start Date: 2020-03-31

Kalamazoo Area Runners in Battle Creek (KAR in BC) is pleased to announce we are continuing the Fast Track Training Program for Spring 2020! This program is designed to meet both 5K and 10K training goals, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or experienced runner. This program targets the Cereal City Classic 5/10K in Battle Creek.

Building on the success of our previous Fast Track session, we will be continuing with our simplified run groups. We offer various levels based on ability and goal setting. Each group serves to build and support community among runners. Fast Track will continue to be led by experienced KAR coaches and will include training schedules, individual guidance, relevant clinics, and structured Tuesday track workouts.

Five levels of Fast Track

Beginners – Geared towards transitioning newer runners from walking to running as well as interval walk/run for those who prefer it. Beginners will be focused on learning the basics and building a running base.
Step Up: Run/Walk – Step up to the next level, with a gradual mileage build up, while utilizing run/walk intervals. This level will train with the Galloway Method of running 4 minutes and then walking 1 minute. Benefits of the run/walk method include strength building, injury prevention and more time spent in the metabolic hear rate zone which contributes to greater weight loss.
Step Up: Run – Fast Track to the next Step – Step up to the next level through our own custom designed program incorporating light fartlek (speed-play) and a gradual mileage build-up. Geared towards runners who have mastered their first 5k, and are ready to go the next level in training for the 5k distance, or to build up mileage to run their first 10k. (under 20 miles/week)
Low Intensity Speed Work – Fast track to speed work. Geared towards transitioning a runner who has some 5k and/or 10k running experience, but is new to track workouts and is looking for a lower mileage program (under 25 miles/week for 5k/under 30 miles a week for 10k).
High Intensity Speed Work – Fast Track to maximum performance – Geared towards competitive runners with 5k and/or 10k racing and track workout experience who are seeking optimal performance and/or a higher mileage program (25 + miles week for 5k/30+ miles a week for 10k).

For more information on this sessions' coaches and program, please visit www.bckarfasttrack.wordpress.com.

Sessions will be conducted at 5:45pm Tuesday nights at Riverside Park, 650 Riverside Drive. We will meet at the pavilion near the soccer fields.

Optional technical shirts are available for $20.

Policy for Minors:

While we understand the importance and encourage youth running, we cannot have minors left without parent/guardian supervision. If a youth/minor is registered for the program, they must be within view of their parent/legal guardian at all times. Parents must stay during the entire track session.