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 "Kelley Acres" Speed Shop

2023 Winter Performance 10 Week Training Program

January 9th - March 16th


The 2023 Winter Performance Training Program is designed to increase fitness by managing workout intensity each week.   Each workout builds on the next and uses the periodization training approach.   


The home performance training program offers a choice of 1 or 2 classes each week. If you choose the 2 class option the workouts will compliment each other working different energy systems to optimize training.  There will be a Speed Demon (speed focused) Class and a Beast Mode (strength focused) class. 

Here is how it works. You will be able to purchase the Speed Demon Class and/or the Beast Mode Class file(s).  The class file comes as .mrc (PerfPro, TrainerRoad, etc.) or .zwo (Zwift).  You can sign up for 1 class a week for 10 weeks for $80 or both classes for $120.

You will be emailed the file(s) on Monday each week. 

If there are any issues with uploading/running the file on your platform of choice, please contact tech support for the relevant platform.


TrainerRoad: https://support.trainerroad.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005210526-How-to-Upload-TrainingPeaks-workouts-into-TrainerRoad

We are offering 3 in person classes for the 10 week Winter Performance Training.

This will be held on Monday, Wednesdays  and Thursdays at 6:30 pm and the cost is $245.  There is a discount if you sign up for 2 classses.  The optimal combination is the Speed Demon and Beast Mode classes  

A steel trainer skewer is required for the in person class and are available for $12 or contact your local bike shop. Please remember to bring a water bottle and towel or towels (if you sweat alot). 


Arrival time and departure time is 20-30' before and after classes. 

All trainer equipment and surfaces will continue to be wiped down and sanitized before and after class. 


*Class details are on the website at www.kelleyacres.net.

There will be random inclement weather classes.

 Cancellation Policy:  In the event that classes are cancelled by the Speed Shop due to inclement weather, riders will be emailed the workout of the day.

Absence Policy:  If an athlete must miss class during a pre-paid session for any reason, it is the responsibility of the Athlete to find a substitute and arrange compensation for classes missed.  Missed classes do not qualify for a makeup class.

Injury Policy:  An athlete who will miss the remaining classes in a pre-paid session because of injury must notify the Speed Shop and pick one of following two options:

1. The athlete can retain the classes and is responsible for finding a replacement and arrange compensation for each of the remaining classes.

2. Alternatively the athlete may request a 50% refund for the remaining classes in the session.  If this option is selected the remaining classes now belong to the Speed Shop.
Inclement Weather Policy: If there are extreme weather conditions the Speed Shop reserves the right to cancel the class.  If 50% of the class is not attending then the class will be cancelled. 


For more information contact Chris at 301.788.4631 






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