Start date: 01/28/2023

Registration: opens 12/01/2022
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Welcome back to the L.A. Tourist Race series for 2023!  This is our 5th anniversary and are back to our original format this year and look forward to seeing you all out having fun.  This first course is about 70 miles with 8k of climbing.  You will be given check points, TBD, that you will use to make your map.  At each checkpoint you will find a book, at that book tear out your corresponding race number and move on.  First one back with the correct numbered pages Wins! 

Race 2 will follow the same format and the 3rd race will be a camp out.  stay tuned for details on that


The basic tenants of the event to which all participants must adhere:

  1. Be fully self supported. Do not pre-stash or have others shuttle your food, water, tools or supplies while on the route. Plan accordingly.
  2. Know how to fix your stuff. No one will be sweeping the course. You need to be able to figure out your own extraction, if needed. 
  3. Respect the course. Leave no trace ethos in place. Leave only tire tracks and footprints. 
  4. Respect others. Other participants. Hikers. Equestrians. Forest Service Rangers. 
  5. Like in years past, your participant number is the page you must grab at the check point from the book at that location. Wrong page or no page will equal "no check point".
  6. When on public and forst service roads, follow the rules of the road. 
  7. Know how to navigate from point to point during the event. Never rely on others to be your naviagation. 
  8. First aid and hydration are important. Prepare your own water and food or plan your food and water stops ahead of time.  

These races happen Rain or Shine, they can take you from sea level to over the 4k elevation mark.  You may even ride thru snow, so prepare yourself and keep an eye on the weather as event day approaches. 

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