Start date: 12/01/2023

Registration: opens 10/30/2022
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Activities: Club Membership (Cycling)

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Laurel B.C. Member Benefits and Requirements

All: Club members receive deals at D'Aniello's Amity Bicycles on parts and accessories and select current model year bikes.  All members purchase club clothing at wholesale prices.

Sponsored Rider Membership: Sponsorship will be limited to 2 riders. Sponsored rider benefits include but are not limited to: club dues fees waived, Laurel apparel credit, finacial reimbursment for events and travel expenses. Riders must submit a basic application to attn Sponsored Rider. Application will only be complete after emailing the following: previous event resume, current event plan, very short outline of qualifications, and social media account information such as facebook/instagram, video channels, and/or any blog post address.

Active Race Membership: Race reimbursement*, 1 club Jersey, and priority pre-race repairs**, New and Renewing Active Racers must have completed at least 6 sanctioned mass-start races a year.

Junior Member: Will receive race benefits if they have completed at least 6 sanctioned races.

Code of Conduct: Members must recognize the club’s approved code of conduct and their representation of Laurel Bicycle Club to other cyclists, governing officials and the general public. It is the intent of the LBC to promote good will and safety for all and members ought to display good sportsmanship and courtesy to other cyclists and the public.***

* Race reimbursement is determined at the end of each year and is based on number of races completed and Laurel BF budget.

**Pre-Race Repairs must be in the shop no later than 2 days prior to event

*** Expanded Code of Conduct available from Club Officers and by laws

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