Start date: 06/12/2023

Registration: opens 02/03/2023
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Activities: Cycling Camp

GID: 59155

AGES: 10-14
TIME: 9:30AM-4PM

Ride like a girl and be proud! This camp is about building skills and confidence on and off the bike. We will work on technique, build jumping skills, ride trails, and do some trail work. Each day, coaches will guide the girls in conversations about girlhood, how girls are marketed to, women in sports, and various topics.

*See our gender inclusivity policy Here


Blue Square Trails (Intermediate)
Ride Years: 2-4 years
Duthie Hill Trails: Upper and Lower Bootcamp, Deuces Wild, Jabulani (2hi), Voodoo Child, Rehab, The Lunas, Movin’ On, Step it Up, Ryan’s Line (challenge)
Duthie Drop Zone: 1, 2, 3 (and maybe 4)

Rider can execute:

  • All Level 1, 2, & 3 Skills
  • Smooth, Controlled braking at faster speeds
  • Shifting - you anticipate terrain and can shift accordingly
  • Standing - you're balanced and comfortable standing up with even pedals and can maintain even pedals during a descent.
  • Compressing your suspension and utilizing wheel lift skills to get over small (a couple inches high) obstacles.
  • Confidence rolling over obstacles that do not require wheels to leave the ground.
  • Can climb wider switchbacks and turns that aren't too steep.

Mountain biking has started to become your "thing", and you are starting to get the hang of shifting, pedaling through more technical features, making it up shorter, steep climbs, and getting just a little rowdy going downhill.
You’re working on basic jump skills and can clear the Luna’s most of the time and able to “plop-on-top” of table top jumps on Voodoo Child.
You enjoy hitting the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and maybe even the 4th drop in the clearing.
You’re also pretty comfortable hitting the 1st “Little Pig” at the start of Voodoo Child.

Your opinion on Level 4 – Gravity Girls?

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