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Welcome to our Life Time Gaithersburg Run & Cycle 'Miles and Smiles 2021' blast! This year-long program is to challenge you to run or ride as many miles as possible during our scheduled Outdoor Social Runs, Outdoor Social Rides or Indoor Cycle Classes. You can participate in any or all of these 3 events (separate registration needed for each one). This is a free program. Although it is catered primarily to Life Time Gaithersburg members, others may also participate.

Our goal is to help you find love for running and cycling. Group runs, group rides and group cycling classes help motivate and encourage participants to get moving. We observe and comply with CDC and Life Time health guidelines. Our Run Leads, Ride Leads and Cycle Instructors will help and guide every participant. Perhaps some of you will even find the motivation to run/ride your first race. This is about having FUN and enjoying this journey together!

Log your miles and track your progress with the Leaderboard. Follow along with your friends as they motivate and push you. See your progress every month, and best of all, marvel at your accomplishment at the end of the year. Participants are responsible for logging his/her mileage after every activity. Only miles achieved during a Social Run/Social Ride/Cycle Class activity should be logged (miles outside of these should not be logged). Logging of miles is based on honor system, and must be done within 3 days after the activity. Delayed data entries will risk getting no credit.

This is primarily for motivation and to develop camaraderie with like-minded participants in the pursuit of a common goal. Occasional shout outs and hoorays will be shared to recognize your dedication and hard work. There are no swag or medals, though there could be small giveaways along the way (for Life Time members only) that reward eligible participants for accomplishments such as most active or most miles logged in a prescribed period of time, or certain mileage completion milestones.

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