Anywhere you like, This event can be completed anywhere you are, log some miles around the neighborhood, in a park, or out on a trail, or on the treadmill in case of bad weather., Anywhere, Florida, United States

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Activities: Virtual race, 5K (3.1 Miles)

Welcome to the Manu for Inclusion Foundation's "Run for Inclusion"

Due to all the restrictions surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic,  we've decided to host our event as a virtual event this year!

Our Mission is to Empower families with children with any type of diagnosis, behavioral or atypical characteristic, to seek inclusion within their own communities through the power of art, wellness, love, personal development training, and support.  Read more about Manu's story below.
“Manu for inclusion creates real empowerment for real and unique individuals and their families that would like to fulfill their inclusion and independence dreams.— Juana Venegas


To join the MANU 5K click on the “Registration” button at the top, and follow the prompts to sign up! You can register as an individual or you can join a group or create your own group and invite your friends and family to join you!
Once registered you’ll get a conformation email with a training plan to help you get ready for race day! There is no time limit to do the 5K, do it all at once or in small parts. Your total mileage needs to be 5 km or 3.1 miles.
Race days
Between midnight Friday October 22nd and Monday October 25th at 11:59pm, run or walk 3.1 miles anywhere you’re at in the world.  Run around your block, in a park, along a trail...anywhere!
The medal (coming soon) 
You just need to log your miles in order to get a finishers medal!
You can track your workout with a fitness tracker, app on your phone or watch, but it’s not necessary, we’re using the honor system. Once you log your miles, we will send you the medal via mail. Medals will be sent out after the event and could take as long as 3-4 weeks to arrive!
Adding results
To add your results, simply log back into your RunSignUp profile and add in your miles. 
RunSignUp will send you instructions on the 1st day of the event or if you register after the start, when you register. Or you can click on the “Results” tab at the top, you should be able to pull up your name and enter your time.
You can use mileage from other events here if you want to as well!
Invite your friends and challenge each other to a competition.
Zoom kick-off party
To celebrate the 5K event and support our foundation we would like to invite all the race participants to a virtual party where we can share our 5K experience, build community and have fun. Day and time TBD, we'll send out an email with the information.
Share your accomplishments
We encourage you to share a photo or workout data. You can share your photo’s in your RunSignUp results page as well as on our FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE once you've completed your "race".  This will give our community an opportunity to celebrate your accomplishment and finish virtually.  FB Page:
Manu's Story
Manu for Inclusion was born on December 2018. It has been a combined effort between Juana Venegas & Ivan Bou. We have joined forces because we are very spiritual, believers of change, passionate about art, wellness. personal growth & inclusion.
"Inclusion is to learn to accept and love myself/yourself and as a natural result I/you would love and accept another human being, earth, and the present moment"
-Juana Venegas
Who we are
Manu for Inclusion Foundation is a group of diverse professionals and parents who have combined their knowledge and experience in service of other families; in order,  to work for a more inclusive society. The foundation focuses on developing programs that provide emotional support to parents and caregivers of neurodiverse individuals using mindfulness tools, wellness programs, and social media awareness campaigns with the goal of making inclusion a reality worldwide.

Manu for Inclusion was created based on the belief that every human being, regardless of physical or mental challenges, is a valuable asset to their family, our community, our nation, and the world. 
Through personal development education, one on one emotional support, and practical experience sharing, our intention is to provide a sense of empowerment for inclusion and independence on behalf of individuals with unique needs and those who love them.
Our vision is that every person is entitled to any opportunity available to the general population that aligns with their unique talents and abilities. We aim to shift the language and change the conversation that leads to love and inclusion every human being deserves.

Our Mission is to Empower families with children with any diagnosis, behavioral or atypical characteristic to seek inclusion within their own communities through the power of art, wellness, love, personal development training, and support.

The Solution
1.  Provides  a practical parent-based course of action 
2.  Develop a YouTube channel and to add it to  our  website where the parent can access tips and tricks and tutorial videos to help in a tailored way the parent 
3.  Monthly webinars about tools and experience
4.  Grants for IEP (individual Education Program) advocate
5.   ABA consultant 
6.  Certified Health Coach guidance 
7.  Certified Life Coach guidance 

For more information, please visit our website.  
If you wan to become a volunteer please apply here!AlOL8z_R7gM0nCwA9L-x2B9yWNkU 
Nuestra misión es de empoderar a las familias con niños que tengan cualquier diagnostico, comportamiento, o características atípicas para que busquen la inclusion en sus propias comunidades a través del poder de las artes, el bienestar, el amor, el desarrollo personal, y el apoyo.
La Fundación Manu for Inclusion fue creada a base de la creencia que cualquier persona, no obstante, los retos físicos o mentales, es alguien valiosa para su familia, nuestra comunidad, nuestra nación, y el mundo.
A través de los cursos de desarrollo personal, apoyo personal emocional, y compartir experiencias practicas, nuestra intención es proveer una concientización de empoderamiento para la inclusion e independencia para las personas que tengan necesidades únicas y para aquellos que los aman,
Nuestra visión es que cada ser humano independientemente de su condición tenga acceso a las mismas oportunidades que tiene el resto de la población destacando los talentos y habilidades propios. Nosotros queremos hacer un cambio del lenguaje cotidiano con el fin de crear una conversación basada en el amor que lleven a la inclusión del ser humano en todos los aspectos de la vida.
“Manu for inclusion creates real empowerment for real and unique individuals and their families that would like to fulfill their inclusion and independence dreams.— Juana Venegas
More About Us or to Become a Sponsor Contact
USA Offices In Florida
Juana Venegas
Offices In Colombia
Camila Garcia
Director of Manu for Inclusion Foundation en Colombia

Bracket/Division Details & Fees:

  1. MANU for Inclusion Virtual 5K

    Activity Starts: 10/22/2021 00:00 - Activity Ends: 10/25/2021 23:59
    Registration opens : 1/6/2021 13:57
    Activity type: Virtual race
    Requires Date of Birth
    Requires phone number
    Registration Periods:
    • Registration opens : 1/6/2021 13:57
      Registration closes : 10/25/2021 22:59
      Race fee : $39.00
      Processing fee : $3.26

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