5.1 miles - a flat and fast tour of local neighborhoods followed by an amazing post-race party at the spacious, newly-updated Great South Bay Brewery! 

There are some fabulous new features for the event this year with way more perks for participation, and way more choices to have fun while you're  partying with us! This includes -- Tasty post-race food courtesy of GSB's NEW kitchen! Or... bringing along your under-21 friends to either run or join as guests, enjoying an upgraded VIP experience, with state-of-the-art golf simulators and included private bathrooms and bag check, a bag check only option for only $5, access to the main Brewery's bathrooms (finally!!!!), totally new food choices, and $$$ savings at GSB to last you until next year's race! Please do check out all of the full details in the sections below!

Answers to your questions can probably be found below. If not, please send us an email at info@glirc.org
Q: Can I bring my dog? My cat? My igunana? My fainting goat? 
A: We're animal people, too. We get it. We want to bring Fluffy everywhere. But it's better for Fluffy, Shadow, Scaly, and McPearlClutcher that they all stay at home where they will enjoy some peace and quiet. This goes for both the course AND the after party. The Brewery welcomes well-behaved animals during most of their regular business hours. If you like the venue on race day, bring your furbaby back with you some other time! 
Q: I walk. Can I participate?
A: Of COURSE you can! If you're moving your body in a forward motion and it brings you joy, we are all for it. You have an hour and 45 minutes to complete this event. A brisk walk will absolutely work out for a 5 miler, and we would love to have you there. If you cannot finish in that time, you will be permitted to complete your event. You will not have traffic support and will be asked to move to the side of the road/sidewalk. If the timers have broken down their equipment, you may not get a finishing time or medal. 
Q: What's with the VIP room? 
A: We have had a VIP room in the past. It had chips and a place to park your drink. It had bathrooms. But now? NOW it is a whole new ballgame. Literally! Part of the VIP room will have a small area for those who paid to have a checked bag. As a VIP, it is part of your VIP fee to check a bag. You will also have access to two much more private bathrooms than those in the main area or the outside portable toilets. And, yes, you'll have a place to park your drink. But you'll ALSO have access to the time of your life! The Brewery now has three brand new, state-of-the-art golf simulator pods that you will get to enjoy during the after party with UNLIMITED PLAY. Two pods will be for our VIP's. A third pod will require a ticket for entry and will be pay-to-play for a grand prize drawing at the end of the party... prize will be announced later! 
Q: I am no fun and don't play games, simulated or otherwise. What's the bag check-only option? 
A: If you purchase a bag check ticket ahead of race day, it will be a $5 option in the race store. You will give your bag to one of our volunteers before the race starts, and your bag will get a tag that has your bib number. Once you cross the finish line, your bag will be retrieved for you, safe and sound. If you purchase this option on race day, the price will be $7 at the door. No bags will be permitted to stay in the main Brewery area unattended during the duration of the event. If you have a bag and do not want the bag check option, you will have to leave it in your vehicle or have it on your person at all times. This is for the safety of you and the other guests. 
Q - Can I bring my infant/toddler/kid/responsible teenager or a 21+ nonrunning guest? 
A:  Yes for the FIRST TIME EVER, you sure can! This is huge for GLIRC. We have not been able to provide this option in the past, and we have worked hard to make sure that you enjoy this event with everyone with whom you wish to enjoy it! This event is being held for MADD - Mothers Against Drunk Driving. We want to give you every opportunity to enjoy this event without getting behind the wheel impaired. Your teenager wants the keys next weekend? Well, teach them the responsibility by having them drive you around after your race! New this year... Guest passes for 21+ guests will be available in the race store until the day before the event at a price of $50. On race day, they will be $60 at the door  Guest passes for Designated Drivers or Under 21 guests will be available in the race store at a price of $30. Please read all of the print before purchasing. If your guest is visibly over the age of 4, an under-21 guest pass purchase will be required or they will not be permitted entry to the Brewery. Purchase a pass ahead of time to avoid having to pay race day pricing.
Q - What time does the beer start flowing? How long do we get to party?
A: No alcoholic beverages will be served until the first finisher crosses the finish line and enters the after party. No exceptions will be made. If your guests arrive early, they will be asked to help out because there will be nothing else to do until the party officially begins! The party officially ends at 1:00 PM. You are welcome to stay and you will begin paying for beverages and food at that time.
Q - And those after-race perks? What we were those again?
A: The whole point of our Brewery runs is to serve the community and to connect local small businesses with our runners so that we can all be successful and help each other out. The Brewery will be handing out key tags to EVERY partipant of the 21+ event that will afford them 10% off of their GSB purchases until next year's race! Some terms and conditions may apply, so you will need to check with GSB for details as they are made available! 

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