The MettaFitFam Community is hosting a 5K charity heART run where all proceeds go to aid in Turkey and Syria's rescue and recovery efforts. 

Our event will close with a Dance Performance, YOGA with Elizabeth, and a MUSIC JAM led by our MettaFitFam musicians, where everyone is included and can join along. 

Wear your rainbow colors to celebrate the "festival of colors" to express love, emotions, new beginnings, and hope, reflecting the cultural variety of our inclusive community where everyone matters and belongs to each other.  Our friends and family in Turkey and Syria are not others but our sisters and brothers who need our help. We are coming together to express our loving kindness and compassion through movement, art, and donations to help aid in the rescue and recovery efforts needed for our world community.

All proceeds from the event will go to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy Turkey & Syria Earthquake Recovery Fund. The CDP works to identify gaps in recovery funding to help direct financial and technical support where it is needed most with an emphasis on medium-and long-term recovery, and does so with an intersectional racial equity lens. 

There will be an On-site Raffle!  Prizes include a Private Pilates Reformer Lesson with Elizabeth, a Private Music Lesson with Joey, a Jamaican Dance Lesson with Zale, a Private Tennis lesson with Grant, a beginner Swing Dance lesson with Howard, and a private photography lesson with Nish! 

Don't like running? You can skip the whole way, dance around the finish line, bike, play frisbee, practice yoga, sing, play music, or kick a soccer ball, the sky is the limit! Our only wish is your beautiful presence!

Bring your instruments, art, and yoga mats to share with others! We will provide our club instruments, and 20 yoga mats if you don't have your own! 


Want to Volunteer? FANTASTIC! Please, sign up here:   


Public Visitor Parking for Event: MPK 21 Visitor Parking  


Who we are: Our community has created practices that develop a sense of belonging and acceptance of ALL community members from different parts of the world, including sexual orientations, religious backgrounds, and cultural beliefs. 

The MettaFitfam club & community is where we work to create inclusive structures and foster new identities, and inclusive narratives that support one another. We have generated the art of inclusion that reframes our individual and group identities and reject narratives that pit us against each other.

Our club & community supports the creation of structures of inclusion that recognize and accommodate differences, rather than seek to erase them. We have developed practices that co-create music, movement, and voices without denying our profound interrelationships with each other.  Belonging grounds us so that we can lean in, lift up, journey together, and make music and lyrics with those different from ourselves. 


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