Start date: 10/06/2023

Registration: opens 05/01/2023
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Midwest Onewheel WinMan Enduro Trail Race Rules and Regulations

Date: Saturday, October 7th, 2023

Check in between 7-9am. Racer meeting at 8am. Racing starts at 9 am. Fit all segments in by 5pm.

This enduro style single track trail race will consist of 4+ segments totaling in 6+ miles of distance. Each segment will be ran from start gate to finish gate one time by each racer. The total times of each segment will be added up and the total overall fastest time will be the winner.  The race will be open for any version of Onewheel (XR, Pint, Pint X, GT, VESC, etc - Single tire, sideways riding, self-balancing).  There are both pro and amateur divisions for men and women at this years event (future events will contain more race categories, please reach with questions). 

There will be no course cutting allowed, riders must ride withing the bounds of the trail.  Anyone caught or suspected of taking a short cut off trail will be evaluated by the race organizer for disqualification. If found the rider deviated from the course for a safety reason, to save a fall, or other necessary reason, the race organize may choose to not disqualify or impose a time penalty that is appropriate.

Re- Run rule: Causes for re run could be rider impediment, stopping for an injured rider (ALWAYS STOP for a downed rider), a safety impediment, etc. Re runs must be granted at the discretion of an official race organizer.  Any un approved re runs will be subject to disqualification. Mechanical issue or rider error is not cause for a re run.

All timed segments will be timed using a professional timing system. You may only sign up for one race category. The race organizers will be monitoring registered racers who have listed as pro level riders in past races (like Dirtsurferz registration lists, and folks who have raced in other onewheel sanctioned races, etc.) to make sure no pro level rider slips into an armature bracket.  We are pretty tuned into who pro level riders should be and race organizers will monitor as registration starts coming in.  We will also evaluate past race winners of amateur events. No past 2022 or 2023 amateur race top 3 will be allowed in the armature category for this race.  This year we are keeping it simple with only pro and amateur men and women but in future years we will have more age ranges, weight, grom divisions, and different types of races too. 

Please respect WinMan’s trails, other trail users, spectators, racers, volunteers, vendors, and trail system who is allowing us to host the event! WinMan is a SMOKE FREE property. No littering, no illicit drug use, ride within your means. We are very fortunate – consider how you act as one reflects on the whole community. You must follow all trail system rules (posted on the property at the trail head and at  If you have the means, considering becoming a WinMan Trails member.  Keep in mind memberships and donations to WinMan Trails are appreciated and keep trail systems like this well maintained and expanding.  All proceeds from this years event will go back into future events at this trail system and donated to WinMan Trails.

Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 racers in each category.

*Rules are subject to change at any time. Rules and penalties are determined by the race organizer(s). The pre-race meeting is held to address race specifics, answer questions, and announce any changes to the rules. Rule violations must be submitted to the race organizer within 30 minutes of the last competitor finishing the final stage.

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